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    72 coronet disc brakes to 68 fury

    Thank you all for the condolences. I was hoping I could get lucky. Charlie
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    72 coronet disc brakes to 68 fury

    Hello all, my father passed away last month and he has a 72 dodge coronet that he bought from the original owner in 79. I know it probably wouldn’t work but could I use the disc brake from this car? Thank you . Charlie
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    For Sale 1974 dart parts

    Hello all, my brother had a 74 dart that he cut for parts. Now I need to get rid of the parts because the town is complaining about the cars and engine cranes outside so I need the parts to go. Any body know anyone that could use these parts. The parts consist of the windshield, back window...
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    SOLD Engine crane and air compressor

    Hi all, I have an engine crane and large upright air compressor I would like to move on. The crane seems to work but I haven’t put a load on it though. I dont know the condition of the compressor. Best offer. Must pick up on ” lovely“ long island. I will get pictures soon. Charlie
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    727 to 904

    The fury has a 360 engine. I thought I heard something is different between the 360 and 318 engine.
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    727 to 904

    Hi all, Can i replace the 727 in the 71 fury with a 904 from a 72 coronet with a 318 without any problems? I just wondered if it would work till I got the 727 rebuilt. Thank you. Charlie
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    For Sale 1971 Plymouth fury III

    Hi all and happy new year!! I relisting the fury again for $1500 obo. It’s a 360 with a 727 behind it and a 68 83/4 rear. Disc brakes and air conditioning. Car is located in Nassau county Long Island . Charlie
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    For Sale 1971 fury hardtop

    Listing one more time. 71 fury for $2300 or best offer. For Sale - 1971 Plymouth Fury III
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    71 fury transmission

    Hi all, Since nobody seems interested in the green fury, I’ll guess I’ll rebuild the tranny. Should I replace the torque converter while doing the transmission or reuse it. Thank you.
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    For Sale 1971 Plymouth Fury III $2800

    Thread '1971 Plymouth Fury III' relisting my 71 fury hardtop. $2800
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    For Sale 1971 Plymouth Fury III

    More underside photos
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    For Sale 1971 Plymouth Fury III

    Underside photos.
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    For Sale 1971 Plymouth Fury III

    Hi all, The time has come to sell my green fury. It’s been a good reliable car I’ve been using as a daily for the last nine years until the tranny gave out. She runs good but needs work. The car is located on Long Island ny. $3500 obo. Charlie
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    Steering column parts needed

    My car is a column shirted automatic if that makes a difference. Also wondering what to replace to make the gear shift collar less sloppy. I can’t even get the backup lights to work because of the wear.
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    Steering column parts needed

    Trace 300 I saw that upper bearing on their website but wasn’t sure if it would fit. Thank you.