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  1. Barry S

    A 67 Newport just landed in my Barn

    Congrats on getting this great car! So much potential, I'm glad it's going to get the attention it deserves! Regarding the paint, the paint code on the fender tag is BM2. I did some digging, and based on what I have that means that it was a custom paint order with a black roof and turbine...
  2. Barry S

    My first C-body...kinda

    Love this car! Looking forward to seeing more pics!
  3. Barry S


    I think the bolt pattern for Jeep Grand Cherokees was 5x4.5 until the 1999 model year, when they went to a 5x5 pattern. No idea on the offset, though.
  4. Barry S

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    This past weekend I had the honor of being the “tailgunner” for a motorcycle fund raising ride. The group is the Western New York Riding Lions, a relatively new Lions Club with members from all over Western New York. I am a long time Lion in my home town, and I am their “Guiding Lion”. The ride...
  5. Barry S

    Fan Shroud for 1967 Plymouth Sport Fury Needed

    FWIW - After I had the 22" radiator on my 67 Newport with a 383 and no ac recored, it runs right around 180 degrees regardless of the outside temp, underway or idling. It's the factory radiator with no shroud, so maybe a shroud isn't necessary? Before I had it recored I was having consistent...
  6. Barry S

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Got the Newport out of storage for the first time today. It awoke from it's slumber and fired up with no problems. :thumbsup: Heading to Cars and Coffee in the morning. This is in front of the Erie County Botanical Gardens in Buffalo, NY. It's a pretty cool place, my youngest son got...
  7. Barry S

    Pertronix nightmare

    What a challenging problem to sort out, thanks for sharing this!
  8. Barry S

    New member of the family

    Great looking car! Congratulations!
  9. Barry S

    Darrell Brown loved this car to death

    This is the first time I've seen this thread, what a great story! The amount of rust that was revealed on that car was pretty amazing, it didn't look too bad as a 20 footer. Mr. Brown was a couple of years younger than my father in law is, and he still loves his Mopars too. Good stuff...
  10. Barry S

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Wow! That's a beauty!!
  11. Barry S

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Mike66Chryslers, thanks for the additional info on the paint! 67Newport, thanks for the additional pics, that's an awesome car!
  12. Barry S

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    It's Turbine Bronze Acrylic Enamel, don't think it's metallic, though. Paint code MM.
  13. Barry S

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    Would love to see more pics of the 2 dr, it's just like the one my folks had. It inspired me to buy the one I have now:
  14. Barry S

    What are you working on today??

    FYI - I recently replaced the tank in my 67 Newport, and I bought the tank and the other bits for the project from Vans Auto. The tank and some of the bits were available on their Ebay store, which is cheaper since the shipping is included. The tank fit perfectly.
  15. Barry S

    Nice NYer on FB...Engine?

    Sweet ride to go with your 67!
  16. Barry S

    Brakes shudder, 1966 New Yorker. Also: spinning hubcaps.

    I had an issue like this with drum brakes once, and it turned out to be some debris between the drum and the axle plate. That caused the drum not sit square and to be just a bit wobbly, and boy, that really caused it to shake and shudder. Cleaned it up and it was fine. Something to look at...
  17. Barry S

    What are you working on today??

    I've been having issues with leaking gas when the tank is full, so it was time to replace the tank. I had the good fortune of being able to use a friend's lift, and my oldest son was in town for a visit so we did the job together. It went pretty well, no major issues. A couple of pleasant...
  18. Barry S

    '68 300 wheel change, what a difference!

    FWIW, 14" Magnums (without trim rings) were available on 67s. Here's info from the 67 Chrysler Dealer Data Book:
  19. Barry S

    Wanted to share my new ride with group. 68 VIP

    What a sweet ride! Congratulations!