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  1. Barry S

    A couple of C's at a car show

    I made it to my first show this morning, a Cars and Coffee event. A great time with some fantastic cars. There were 2 C bodies there, mine and Ricky Terbury's, so our group was represented!
  2. Barry S

    Thought you folks might enjoy this . . .

    He's my oldest, just turned 44 - he's a car nut like me. He started painting a couple of years ago and found he liked it.
  3. Barry S

    Thought you folks might enjoy this . . .

    My oldest son has become somewhat of an artist. He painted this for me as a Christmas gift. I think he did a great job!
  4. Barry S

    67 Newport. What to look for?

    Looks like a great find, I hope it works out for you! Dave makes great points about the risks of trying to drive it home. It would probably be worth the cost of a ride on a flatbed to get it (and you) home safe. Barry
  5. Barry S

    Mopar Connection Magazine article-'70 Sport Fury GT

    Great article and car! Thanks for sharing . .
  6. Barry S

    Happy 245th Birthday!

    I served almost 7 years total (6 year enlistment plus two extensions, one to qualify for an accompanied overseas tour, and one to get into base housing). My two primary duty stations after a year of training were NAS Jacksonville, Florida, and the USS Canopus, AS 34, homeported in Rota, Spain...
  7. Barry S

    Going to be a Grandfather

    Congrats!! We're at 6 granddaughters now after raising 4 sons. Being a grandparent is the best gig in the world!
  8. Barry S

    Broadcast sheet picture thread

    I had not thought of putting the broadcast sheet, or a copy, back under the seat of my car. That's a great idea! I've made copies of the broadcast sheet, window sticker, and original dealer invoice, and will put them under the seat for posterity.
  9. Barry S

    Our daughter has COVID19...

    Prayers sent, Tom. It's great news that she's feeling better, one of my prayers is that she continues to improve.
  10. Barry S

    Locked keys in trunk

    From what I could see (I didn't watch over his shoulder) it looked to me that he had picks that he inserted into the locks to determine how the tumblers in the lock were positioned. From there he used a key cutting machine in his truck to make the keys to match. I got two full sets as part of...
  11. Barry S

    Locked keys in trunk

    I have AAA, so after what they covered I paid $75. I think it would have been $175 without AAA. And I may be in the minority here, but I would have paid the full amount to avoid disturbing and potentially damaging the interior of my car. (and - I don't bend like I used to . . . :lol:
  12. Barry S

    Locked keys in trunk

    Going back to the original question - I made the same bonehead mistake last year at a car show and locked my keys in the trunk. In the words of Homer Simpson - DOH!!! I took the advice of a couple of folks at the show with lots of old car experience and called a locksmith. They came out...
  13. Barry S

    What did you do to your C-body today....

    I pulled the radiator out over the weekend and took it to a local shop to be recored. It looks like it's the first time the radiator has been out of the car. I heard from the shop today and it's definitely clogged up. That's actually good, since it explains why the old girl has been running a...
  14. Barry S

    Any accordian players here?

    My Mon played the accordian as well as the piano - she was marvelous! Such great memories!
  15. Barry S

    Happy Independence Day!!

    Happy Fourth!
  16. Barry S

    Broadcast sheet picture thread

    Why yes, MarPar, yes they are! And I agree, they are truly comfortable. I've had the pair in the pic for over 10 years and they are just about gone. I've had to staple the sole back on to keep them from flapping but I'm not giving up without a fight! I also have a newer pair (I liked the...
  17. Barry S

    Broadcast sheet picture thread

    Under the rear seat bottom - still need to pull the seat back to see if there's another one there . .
  18. Barry S

    My son bought his first car today!

    Sweet! What a great Father - Son story - many memories to come!
  19. Barry S

    Bad weekend

    So sorry for you loss, prayers sent for you and your family.
  20. Barry S

    Need some 3/4 front view pics of our cars

    Really enjoying all of the pics - it's fun to see such great cars!