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  1. Barry S

    The S/23 Is Now Famous!!

    Wowzer! That's awesome!
  2. Barry S

    4th of July buy! 1971 New Yorker sunroof 440

    Welcome from a fellow Western New Yorker. Love love love your new ride, it's awesome! Congrats on the find!
  3. Barry S

    GY9 71 GT

    Sweet! Best of luck, and please share your progress as you restore this beauty!
  4. Barry S

    New Here! Pics

    WOW! That car is BEAUTIFUL! Fantastic condition, and I love the color combo! Gotta say, I'm kinda jealous! :thumbsup:
  5. Barry S

    My 1970 Chrysler Newport :D

    Wow! great update to what appears to be an awesome car!
  6. Barry S

    Chrysler 300 1970 4dr

    What a beauty!
  7. Barry S

    My ‘71 Newport

    Oh my, that's a beautiful car you have there! Great score!
  8. Barry S

    '69 Fury Beauty Pics

    GREAT Looking Fury from West Seneca, NY!