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  1. i_taz

    Cold Start Exhaust Residue??

    I just got done sorting this out on a Thermoquad... Shorten the choke pull off arm til the choke just has a crack at the top maybe a 1/8". You have to play with it, put the long end in a vise and bend it back at the 'elbow' but only a tiny bit at a time... < 1/16. It may take awhile til the...
  2. i_taz

    First year's worth of Dodge ownership

    Lutz said BMW would have been a good marriage for Chrysler. Similar size and place in the market. Benz treated Chrysler like garbage but 'anybody but Lutz' Iacocca selected a GM Euro guy to set the course for them which he later regretted... The new world order
  3. i_taz

    Dry Carb after sitting for a week.

    Same problem here even though fuel still squirts no matter how long it sit's. I'm about to try a fuel check valve. They recommend putting it as close to the tank as possible.... Jack
  4. i_taz

    Fluids? Engine Oil, Transmission Fluid, Brake Fluid etc…

    Gibbs GP-1 uses the same American Refining Grps additive package Brad Penn originally used. There's some conflicting info on whether Penn Grade uses the same formula anymore. I haven't used Penn Grade but the Gibbs is green like the Brad Penn was.
  5. i_taz

    Engine performance upgrade

    Mine had 3.23 gears put in and power is not an issue. Sometimes I yearn for an OD gear on a trip but once I set the cruise I seem to forget about it and still get 14 mpg with a TQ.
  6. i_taz

    After-Market Valve Covers

    The AMD's I bought didn't have the oil cap hole clocked correctly so the tabs pointed vertically or perpendicular to the cover. They sat around for couple yrs before I got around to putting them on so I figured there was no point contacting them. That was also a couple years ago and they been...
  7. i_taz

    speedo cable length

    I didn't mention I'm working with a cut to length kit....
  8. i_taz

    speedo cable length

    Hi All, Anybody with the speedo cable from the cruise to the tranny laying around that I can get an exact cable length ? The end twisted off mine and have since lost the piece. It appears there should be some pressure on the core going into the cruise since it's apparently spring loaded and I...
  9. i_taz

    SOLD Mopar parts

    No rush...
  10. i_taz

    SOLD Mopar parts

    Hi, have any numbers off the the thermoquads ?
  11. i_taz

    Transmission Oil

    When I dropped the pan on my '77 recently I replaced the shift linkage and throttle seals, adjusted the bands and used the FEL-PRO TOS18583 coated pan gasket. Used Valvoline Dex/Merc available at Wally world and just for good measure a 24oz bottle of the Lucas tranny fix but due to a shutter...
  12. i_taz

    Bought this 1974 Imperial LeBaron 4dr today

    Does anyone have a pic of that idler pully and bracket ? I didn't know there was such a thing. My '77 belts jump all over the place when the A/C is on. There the Gates 7660 but with the upper hose and shield I can't tell where it would even go...?
  13. i_taz

    Opinions on ethanol treatments

    I generally use e-free gas but it's a non branded product although it's sold at a Sunoco station the pump itself is not labeled as such, so how do you know what your really getting from a quality standpoint? Most generic gas sold in eastern PA comes from the Sunoco refinery in Philly but it's...
  14. i_taz

    Lftovrs 77 NYB visited today

    The hissing sound comes from the vacuum actuator that is a plastic lever operated gizmo that snaps onto the steering column which releases the vacuum when shifted out of park or neutral...
  15. i_taz

    Power steering leak

    Hi All, I'm chasing a power steering leak after I thought I found a bad hose. The pump and gear were replaced recently prior to my ownership but was told it was never right. The fluid is once again pushing out the top of the pump, so the air is back. I guess the pump is the cheapest place...
  16. i_taz

    Custom shocks

    The shock update is positive now that I put the rear shocks on. It balanced everything out. I had the blue Monroe matics which were still good except for the front left was leaking.
  17. i_taz

    Speedo gear o ring

    How many do you have left..... =) I found something here but they can't verify what is shown is what I'll get. It's confusing because the same description is used on more than 1 seal...
  18. i_taz

    Speedo gear o ring

    Hi all, Does anyone has a source for the speedo cable o-ring going into the holder or will a generic one work with the tranny fluid...??? Jack
  19. i_taz

    Questions about C-body car cover

    I bought his one for my Northeast winters although it didn't see any of it. Pretty thick material much like the Evolution fabric. Super heavy elastic band makes it fit with a glove... Made to order in USA for under $250
  20. i_taz

    Custom shocks

    We are talking a '77 so I went with the KYB primarily because there the only mono tube I found. I recently had to take my beloved Edelbrock IAS mono tube's off my F150 and went with Monroe-matics and the difference was night and day. Twin tube just don't offer the firmness yet, at least with the...