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  1. Evan Jansen

    Found 1966 Fury Battery Hold-down clamp

    Thanks... should have thought about that. That is what I am looking for.
  2. Evan Jansen

    Found 1966 Fury Battery Hold-down clamp

    My battery hold down clamp disappeared after my 1966 Plymouth Sports Fury went into the body shop for some "post-theft attempt" repairs. Looking for an original part replacement.
  3. Evan Jansen

    1966 Chrysler "Color swoop"

    If I understand what you are asking about, my 66 plymouth had a flat white in the flat between the side ridges on the side moulding.
  4. Evan Jansen

    66 fury Under hood clips that hold the wires for hood mount turn signals

    I believe these are originals, at this point the hinge points are very brittle, so hope you hear from someone who knows where to get new ones. I have had no luck so far, but haven't looked "really" hard.
  5. Evan Jansen

    Midnight Charger/Monaco SS

    Looks nice. What engine does it have... and how many miles. I think 75 was the last C-Body road runner, but honestly I forgot they even made them past 75. Thanks for sharing, I am sure others will weigh in with more valuable info.... I am more curious.
  6. Evan Jansen

    1956 Plymouth Fury

    Love it..My goal is to have one in the next 10 years or so. This is the first car I remember from when I was a kid. We lived in Iowa, and when the push-button tranny finally clunked out, my last memories of it was being towed by my dad's cousin and driven into the Skunk River. Terrible I know...
  7. Evan Jansen

    stock speaker sizes

    I have a 66 Sport Fury and even though I measured and such,,, I still had fit problems. I don't know about other's success but I found the Classic Speakers folks to be on the spot with at least that 6x9. web address follows Classic Car Speakers
  8. Evan Jansen

    Renewing Trim around the speedometer, 66 Sport Fury

    Ross, Mr Fix It and everyone else. Thanks for the advice and photos. Very helpful
  9. Evan Jansen

    Renewing Trim around the speedometer, 66 Sport Fury

    When I posted some pictures of the Auto Pilot controls on my 66 Sports Fury, I noticed how crappy the trim around my speedometer looked(see photo). I really don't know how it happened but it seems to have peeled done to the plastic. Is there a simple fix that any of you have come up with? Is...
  10. Evan Jansen

    1966 Cruise control

    Pictures both under the hood and at the dash of the cruise control on my 1966 Plymouth Sports Fury..
  11. Evan Jansen

    1966 Cruise control

    Yep, that's what mine looks like., I will send the pictures over the weekend, mine is red also.
  12. Evan Jansen

    1966 Cruise control

    Russ, I will take some pictures this weekend and post, Someone along the way, disconnected it, and I haven't yet reconnected. I am having some work done on my speedometer, and when that is done, he offered to take a look at what would be needed.
  13. Evan Jansen

    1966 Cruise control

    I have it on my 66 Plymouth, so I would guess it was on the CHrysler. It has a little dial to turn to to set.
  14. Evan Jansen

    Speedo SHop Recommendation - Orange Co CA

    Looking for a speedometer shop recommendation. 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury, Orange County CA preferred.
  15. Evan Jansen

    What color should i paint my 67 sport fury

    The 67 Sports Fury I had in my teens was yellow, my best friend had the "artic blue" I always liked that color it looked "classy" day or night.
  16. Evan Jansen

    Welcome Oz Sport Fury to FCBO!

    Welcome from SoCal USA
  17. Evan Jansen

    Welcome 66SpCv to FCBO!

    Share your passion.... let me know if you are looking for something I may have.
  18. Evan Jansen

    Welcome Plyfury66 to FCBO!

    Welcome... this bunch of folks share that love and have a wealth of experience and knowledge to share too.
  19. Evan Jansen

    NOT MINE NOT MINE!!!!! 67 newport

    LSU fan??? not much you can do with that