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  1. satilite73

    8 door Newport

    That '68 is too cool! A shame it was left to rot, but it was 'just' a car when junked. I came REAL close to buying a '71 8 dr like the Roadkill guys had back about '92. It was so similar to the Roadkill one, I thought it was the same car! Sadly, no pics of the car I almost bought, I have an...
  2. satilite73

    Wierd or what?

    Looking at how small the fan is compared to the shroud, I'd guess its been swapped out at some point.
  3. satilite73

    1968 Plymouth Fury III Junkyard Find

    Once its in a yard, there's no getting it out. (legal reasons). Seen too many nice cars lost because of this.
  4. satilite73

    For Sale Parking Lights from '71 Newport

    Pulled from a '71 Newport I had 20+ yrs ago. I saved them because the housings are in such good shape. The lenses are driver quality, but still very useable. Asking $30 for the pair. Pay Pal or Postal Money Order. Shipping lower 48 only. Thanks!
  5. satilite73

    Issues common to 69-73 c bodies?

    Don't know if it's a 'common problem' or a 'Gulf Coast' problem but, what did in my '71 Newport was rust up in the cowl area behind the wipers. That huge plastic piece prevented me from realizing it until it was too late. EDIT: just noticed you live in North Canaan, as a kid we lived in Canaan...
  6. satilite73

    My 1966 Chrysler Town and Country

    Great car, fantastic work on that exhaust, but I gotta wonder about the placement of the tail pipes. Every wagon I've been in with the pipes straight back, a lot of fumes came in the car. Hopefully this is not the case here.
  7. satilite73

    SOLD 1972 Chrysler Newport Custom-$2500 Need Gone

    Just curious, what the heck is mounted under the dash next to your YETI cup holder? If someone caulked around the windshield, I'd be looking for hidden rust in the cowl area behind the wiper linkage. I lost a '71 to rot in this area.... Good luck with the sale.
  8. satilite73

    69 Newport brake swap

    Going by when I owned my '71 Newport 20 yrs ago, so, not 100% up to speed on what is currently available. Back then I used a '73 to upgrade the brakes in my '71. My reasoning was the '73 had a one piece rotor, and the spindle was made for a larger bearing. Also, back then, ONE '71 two piece...
  9. satilite73

    Heater not working - 69 Chrysler Newport

    Is the core plugged? Is there air in the system?
  10. satilite73

    For Sale 3 Speed Wiper Motors

    I have two 3 speed wiper motors. One is from a '73 Chrysler, the other one came from a '77 Chrysler and I was using it in my '71 Newport. The one from the '77 had been painted grey, so I'm not sure if someone just painted it, or that it means its a parts house replacement. The '73 motor hasn't...
  11. satilite73

    For Sale Spare Tire from 1973 Town & Country Wagon

    OK, here's a toughie............. Goodyear 'Custom Power Cushion Polyglas' L84-15 pulled from '73 Town & Country Wagon. Original tire from when car was new? Don't catch me lying. As evident from rim, it has been used, but not very much. Selling to be used as a display piece, NOT to be used...
  12. satilite73

    For Sale Wheel Covers from 1973 Town & Country Wagon

    Driver quality set of wheel covers. Only one real noticeable ding (pictured) otherwise minor wear visible. One wheel cover left the factory with the letters painted incorrectly (missed their target). Going a little high on price, but the price includes shipping in the lower 48, asking $125.00...
  13. satilite73

    For Sale Floor Vents from '71 Newport

    A set of floor vents from a '71 Newport I used to own. The rubber seals are still soft and pliable. The doors move freely. What you see is what you get. I do not have the cables that control these. They got lost in one of many moves over the past 20 yrs. Not sure what these are worth...
  14. satilite73

    Hello! Mind if I hang out over here for a bit?

    This is what slowed me down for the past few weeks. My foot doesn't make a good wheel chock. Doesn't make for a good speedbump either. As mentioned, was wearing my boots. My foot rolled onto its side as it went under the wheel, but the steel toe actually supported the weight as the wheel passed...
  15. satilite73

    Alternative to PayPal?

    And it says it right on their page too.
  16. satilite73

    Alternative to PayPal?

    I've had PayPal for years, but fees and other issues have made them less desirable as of late. Doing a google search brings up a bunch of options, but what actually works and is most common? Venmo? I'm not a business, just a guy offloading a bunch of stuff online. Asking here to hopefully...
  17. satilite73

    1968 fury scrap yard save

    It really doesn't look like it was in too bad of condition when parked.
  18. satilite73

    SOLD 1973 Plymouth Fury 3 ( My thunderbolt )

    Rabbit hair? When I was a kid in the '70's, the local movie theater had posters and pictures of recent movies all over the lobby, and this pic was right at my eye level as we exited the theater. I don't remember what movies we saw, but I never forgot this pic.
  19. satilite73

    Hello! Mind if I hang out over here for a bit?

    Sorry guys, got sidelined for a bit. Got hurt at work. No broken bones or loss of body parts, but I will say if I hadn't been wearing my steel toe boots, the outcome would have been VERY different. :mad: