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  1. gyknot

    Does cable shift slip yoke 727 torqueflight exist?

    I'll go with what "413" said. It's been so long since I've even seen that thing I don't remember. Rather embarrassing actually.
  2. gyknot

    Does cable shift slip yoke 727 torqueflight exist?

    However I'm not sure if the cable system is completely compatible. I'm thinking you have 5 pushbuttons and a park lever setup? I'm not sure however as I've never had one of those. It almost seems to me those had a 2 cable system but again I'm not sure. As for a cable shift with slip yoke, 1965...
  3. gyknot

    Does cable shift slip yoke 727 torqueflight exist?

    Yes. 1965 only. If you can't locate one locally, let me know. I have had one for years that I will never use but hate the thoughts of figuring out how to ship one.
  4. gyknot

    727 rebuild options

    My first answer is #2. They are not difficult to do, and you have done them before. But if you don't have a ready source to the misc. parts that may be damaged then #3 starts to make good sense. Even with a kit you'll have way under 1/2 of what the shop wants, invested into it. Especially if #3...
  5. gyknot

    Can't Help Myself...Had to Buy It

    Nice car. I agree "patina" is not cool. Just my opinion that rust is to be gotten rid of if possible and not preserved. We had a 60 Saratoga as a kid. Always loved those angled fins and taillights. And the 4 place "cup holders" on the glovebox door. Even at the drive-ins, they weren't much good.
  6. gyknot

    1966 300 Restoration

    Truly restoring a car is a huge undertaking. It's very expensive and time consuming too. My suggestion (for what it may be worth), is to do the mechanical work first to make it a safe and reliable driver. It sounds like the body and interior are not all too bad. Then after you have enjoyed it...
  7. gyknot

    Thinking of Going BACK to Front Drums

    When I hear stories like this, it just reinforces my opinion to leave things alone if there isn't a problem. But then again, we don't know if there were issues that led the previous owner to change. Like you, I trust drum brakes and unless you are racing or doing a lot of mountain driving, they...
  8. gyknot

    Ignition switch has rotated

    There should be a small locating tang on the switch. I'd loosen the retaining nut a bit so you can turn the switch in the hole. When it gets to the right spot, it should go in ( from the back ) a little further. Then tighten the retaining ring and it should stay in place. A mopar key should go...
  9. gyknot

    NOT MINE For Sale 1969 Dodge Polara Neveda Highway Patrol $12,950 (Not Mine)

    Sure are a lot of "Ranches" around there from the signs!! Clone or not, I like the car.
  10. gyknot

    Poly Motor Vibe

    It would seen logical that one of the items you replaced is bad. Not sure why your vibration is only at certain rpm's but if it didn't do it before, and now does, something you changed is likely the culprit. Since the water pump would not spin if the belts were removed, that pretty much leaves...
  11. gyknot

    What might i expect in swapping from a 2bbl to a...

    On the low compression 400, I just don't see it being worth the cost of a new manifold, carb, air cleaner, etc for what little power increase you might get. I don't know what your end goal is, but if its a driver I'd keep what you have if it works well. You could get the original 2bbl rebuilt...
  12. gyknot

    Newport by me

    Amazing a car that looks that good from a few feet away can hide that much rust underneath it. Interior looks really nice too. I wonder what the floors are like?
  13. gyknot

    NOT MINE Not Mine - 1965 Chrysler 300 L - $3,500 - FB Marketplace

    I'd say it scores points for originality, but you'd have to see it in person to tell how good or bad it is. Just from photos I'd say it seems a bit high prices for what I'm used to, but maybe I'd be pleasantly surprised if I saw it in person. Either way, they sure are nice cars.
  14. gyknot

    Fuel gauge troubleshoot

    Normally that should work to tell you if the gauge is working. You may have to leave the key on for a few seconds to see if the gauge will react.
  15. gyknot

    1965 Monaco

    You weren't kidding when you said she is apart. What color will it be?
  16. gyknot

    68 Newport Custom 4dr htop

    Yes with rusty floors and trunk, it would be an ambitious project. Looks like lots of good stuff is still present that can keep other cars rolling.
  17. gyknot

    68 Newport Custom 4dr htop

    Not that I am in any way in a position to buy anything more, but for a PNW car it sure looks to have very little rust in the quarters. If its that complete and original, it seems a shame to me to part it out if you can find a buyer for it whole (after you remove the parts already mentioned). It...
  18. gyknot

    For Sale Not mine 66 Plymouth Belvedere roller

    I don't see him having any trouble selling the car. Even if it were next door to me, I just don't have any ability to take on another project in the foreseeable future. Doesn't that always seem to be the case...
  19. gyknot

    For Sale Not mine 66 Plymouth Belvedere roller

    Looks like a nice car. Even the underside is really clean. Depending on how much is missing, the price doesn't seem too bad. I wish I could find a "parts car" that looked that good too! I wish him good luck with the sales.
  20. gyknot

    WANTED Wanted: Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Mopar Engine Mount cable

    No doubt I do not know what I'm talking about, but in many years, I have never seen such a thing? Was it ever factory available?