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  1. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    Epic Whoops thread.

    Suspected impaired driver crashes into “Report an Impaired Driver” sign:
  2. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    Epic Whoops thread.

    This reminds me of the recent case in (I think) Florida, where some flooded-out Teslas caught fire. “Get rid of that Pinto (or similarly accused vehicle model) and buy yourself a Tesla,” they said. “It’s so much safer,” they said.
  3. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    Large and In Charge

    Unlike many new cars, in which case knocking off the hideous stuff would leave you with just the engine, seats, windows, and tires!
  4. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    Can't Help Myself...Had to Buy It

    The ’67 Newport that was as much a part of my childhood as the human family members had similar “cup holders,” too. Likewise for some Dodge B-vans. Motorized demonstrators of Newton’s First Law. :wideyed:
  5. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    1960s Radio Shack Anti-theft Warning Stickers

    Ah, yes, Radio Shack. I worked at one near the close of the Eighties; while it wasn’t my favorite workplace, it was hella fun to shop there. I might print a couple of those myself. My T&C already has a dealer and state inspection decals dating from when it was a new/late-model car in South Dakota.
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    Rescued Just in Time!

    What does sales code Y14–Solo Car (Sold Car?) mean? I’ve never seen that before.
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    Epic Whoops thread.

    I’d love to know how much it costs. It sure looks like an awesomely useful tool.
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    I hate Winter these days

    I know what alternative you mean, but I can imagine others of a geographical kind: where winters are nice, but the people aren’t. Or with hurricanes that make the residents think, “blizzards are for sissies.” Or bugs that are big enough to shoot. Not to mention obscenely expensive real estate...
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    Epic Whoops thread.

    Someone is damn lucky to have avoided qualifying for a Darwin Award!
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    Screenshot of the Day

    Hey, where was Robynn S. when I needed to get free of my boss from hell? Stupid buzzword.
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    Tesla self-drivers recalled

    Too many computer geeks watched Knight Rider as kids.:p I’m reminded of the scene in Jurassic Park where the driverless Ford Explorer stopped at the wrong moment. Not that we have to worry about man-eating dinosaurs (and the Explorer wasn’t really autonomous), but I can foresee self-driving...
  12. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    Tesla self-drivers recalled

    Tesla recalls 362,758 vehicles, says Full Self-Driving Beta software may cause crashes And Elon Muskox got pissed off at the word “recall.”
  13. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    Back On The Wagon

    If mine had a wayback seat, I’d keep it raised except when I need the floor space. It’s part of the nostalgic charm.
  14. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    Back On The Wagon

    What is that round thingamajig—the sheet-metal-holdtogetherer—really called?
  15. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    1967 Limousine.

    Coachbuilder in the Sixties: 1967 Imperial Limo brochure on Dezo’s Garage website
  16. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    Back On The Wagon

    I normally don’t go for aftermarket rims, but they really work here; the stock ones with the BSW tires looked too plain.
  17. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    1967 Limousine.

    That is neat! Interesting, though, that the front seat looks more like one from a Newport than an Imperial. I wonder how much of a Mopar following there is in the Philippines.
  18. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    C body plant to close

    Late to the discussion here; just stumbled upon the thread. That was my car’s “birthplace.” Sad. Those were the good old days when “ICE vehicle” meant only something like this:
  19. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    The weaponization of the DMV

    Google coughed up plenty of results (mainstream media, not conspiracy websites) to back this up. I was going to post some examples, but they were yucky enough that even pictures of new Toyotas could work as eyebleach. When I moved back to Nebraska from Iowa, the license office gave me my...
  20. Mid70's Chrysler Fanatic

    For Sale 1973 Fury III 4 door hard top blue inside and out

    That says something about how these things were built.