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  1. Dana Goetz

    Help with Fender Tag-77 New Yorker

    I'm not seeing a G37 on the tag. I see a P31 which is power windows
  2. Dana Goetz

    Help with Fender Tag-77 New Yorker

    G63 is mirror o/s right remote L31 (not L28) is fender mounted turn signal indicators K5X is the black vinyl bodyside rub strip N71 possibly coolant recovery system?? N94 I believe has something to do with the lean burn emission certification P51 auto parking brake release
  3. Dana Goetz

    For Sale - Not Mine 1975 Imperial

    I was looking at this car on Kijiji but alas, I have no room, for it. It seems to be in decent condition at a reasonable price. It is in Winnepeg (Canada). I'd post photos but they're locked by Kijiji so you have to visit the site. 1975 Chrysler Imperial LeBaron Sedan | Classic Cars | Winnipeg...
  4. Dana Goetz

    1976 NYB rear defroster

    I'm not sure where this belongs so I'll see where it ends up. The rear defroster contact braid has come loose from the rear window defroster grid. Is there any way of repairing this? I think I'll need some sort of conductive adhesive but how do I clean the corrosion off of the braid? Local...
  5. Dana Goetz

    Help with Fender Tag-77 New Yorker

    L31 is Fender mounted turn signal indicator
  6. Dana Goetz

    1978 New Yorker St Regis Coupe all done

    Where did you get the new evaporator?
  7. Dana Goetz

    Lftovrs 77 NYB visited today

    The hissing is probably a hole in the diaphragm of the vacuum motor unless a hose has dried out and split. I'm not sure if any other generic Chrysler motors will interchange though.
  8. Dana Goetz

    NOT MINE 1966 Chrysler 300 4dr Hardtop - C$16,900 - Sorel-Tracy, Quebec, Canada

    Only the 4-door cars though. the two door cars had the US style tail lights. Canada had a Windsor, 300, New Yorker and T&C model line-up - no Saratoga so the 4-door 300 had the same content as the US Saratoga
  9. Dana Goetz

    WANTED Leather upholstery

    Thank you but they don't have upholstery kits for formals. All I want is existing upholstery for a driver. I don't want to have new covers made.
  10. Dana Goetz

    WANTED Leather upholstery

    I'm looking for chestnut leather upholstery for a '76 NYB, 50/50 split bench seat. I don't need the seat, just the leather upholstery covers (with the foam for the "pillow") for both the driver seat and the rear seat back. It would not be practical to ship the whole seat.
  11. Dana Goetz

    Fender Tag Conundrum

    Ah. Now it all makes sense. Just for the curious, here are the fender and door tags
  12. Dana Goetz

    Fender Tag Conundrum

    I found this to be curious and I thought someone else on the forum would think so too: The order date on my '76 NYB's fender tag is May 14 (514) However, the build date on the door decal is May 10-10AM ( MDH 051010) I just find it curious that the car was ordered four days after it was built...
  13. Dana Goetz


    First off, 5500 Cdn is only about 3900 USD, still a good deal. "Engine rebuilt" is an overstatement. I talked to the owner and he sent me the invoices for work done along with some pictures of the underbody. a small front fender hole. He says the paint is original and the body has never been...
  14. Dana Goetz

    FOR SALE: NOT MINE 1971 IMPERIAL LeBARON This car looks very good for only $5500 Cdn. If I had the space, I'd buy it!
  15. Dana Goetz

    Intake insulation pad,,,

    I stand corrected: It's for noise reduction. Always learning....
  16. Dana Goetz

    1960 Chrysler New Yorker Town & Country

    I would also cast my vote for whitewalls with the wire wheels. The original designer's vision for the car was whitewalls
  17. Dana Goetz

    For Sale ‘61 Imperial Crown Coupe F/S - NOT MINE!!!

    Maybe he liked the look of the '59 covers. I prefer the correct ones myself. To each his own!
  18. Dana Goetz

    Intake insulation pad,,,

    I believe that the insulation pad is to minimze heat build-up in the intake/carb setup to reduce the possibility of vapor lock or intake charge heating. It doesn't likely have anything to do with noise reduction.
  19. Dana Goetz

    Performance Indicator placement

    I could be wrong here but it appears that the 66-68 B-body cars had a console mounted tach that uses the identical housing as the Chrysler vac gauge. That could be an option. As for mounting it without a console, could you not turn it upside down and drill a mounting hole in the underside of the...