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    NOT MINE 1969 Dodge Polara Police car pmaybe original CHP car

    is waiting to be parted unless someone steps up to save it: VIN number is DK41L9D230075 Carsten
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    NOT MINE 1969 Newport Paisley top

    non original roof and stripe Carsten
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    NOT MINE 1971 Dodge Phoenix 29.000$ australian

    Something from australia. Here is the link to facefuck Carsten
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    NOT MINE 1971 fury K-code

    seems to be sitting on the gras since a long time. Wonder how the underside will be rustwise Carsten
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    NOT MINE T-code 1970 Dodge Polara 'vert (ER6 Red, $20k ask in Georgia)

    please share the fender tag if you get it Carsten
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    For Sale Imperial Lebaron 1970 parting out Europe

    sucks in a major way ! Poor factory black Imperial 2dr:BangHead: And why? Probably because some lousy small block e-body or b-body needed a 440 Carsten
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    For Sale Imperial Lebaron 1970 parting out Europe

    put it under "cars for sale" before it gets partet Carsten
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    1971 Imperial 2 door restauration

    no worries from me but I am scared about Georg and his health:lol:
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    1971 Imperial 2 door restauration

    nederlans praten in a US Forum dash is vak mooi on Chrysler/Imperials Carsten
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    1971 Imperial 2 door restauration

    Hey Jörg, Georg will get a heart attack if he reads your comment. Last year there have been 56 Fuselage C-bodies:steering:at the show Carsten
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    1971 Imperial 2 door restauration

    the facefuck group fuselage germany blabla accepts foreign members, too. But it is only for owners If they haven't let you in yet: Give me a note with your FB name. I know the guys running the group so I can push them to let you in Carsten
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    Nick's Hoard

    IMHO the cars are all pretty much dead. None of the e-bodies can be saved. There is no difference if they were Hemi&440+6 (R-&V-code) cars. The only parts that would live on in a rebody would be the VIN, fender tag, body numbers and a few bits and pieces. Snakes and spiders would scare me to...
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    Pics of 69-73 C bodies

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    Pics of 69-73 C bodies

    I found the pic on facebook. No further pics or info given. I am very sure it is NOT GY3. My guess is it is FY1 yellow (like GY3 a high impact colour, too) Carsten
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    Pics of 69-73 C bodies

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    american cars in sweden and their car shows

    Here is a longer documentary (40 minutes) covering several car shows in sweden and their "american" car culture in general. It also shows the subculture of "raggare". The video is cut and filmed well. Just the speaker is talking english in a real poor way. But the video will give a decent...
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    NOT MINE 1966 Dodge Polara Sedan Police Car - $12,500 - Malvern, Pa.

    I can confirm that it gets driven a lot Carsten
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    Pics of 69-73 C bodies

    no, not EB7 but FQ5 turquoise. A 1970 mid year colour fcbo Carsten
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    Pics of 69-73 C bodies

    I am sorry for you. Germany can be a pita sometimes. Nobody cares in my deadend. Liked to take the pic with the smart. Got a pretty bad ticket in Holland of EUR 350 for being on the phone while driving but it was a call from Mums nursing home so I wanted to take it. Carsten