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  1. Sluggo

    Chrome Shop

    I can't recall who I used for a few small parts, but there are a number of job shops near Cleveland.
  2. Sluggo

    1963 Imperial Headlight Switch/Back Up Light

    Devin Duke is who you are looking for, he is a member here @Devinism
  3. Sluggo

    Exterior headlights

    I was working with Daniel to upgrade my existing LED headlamps, purchased from him, so that I could incorporate turn signal function in the outboard buckets. He has some new generation lamps that eliminate the racerboy LED issues.
  4. Sluggo

    Dimmer switch for 70 imperial with automatic light system

    I found one at Brads NOS - expensive but what could I do - it's that darn fourth connection.
  5. Sluggo

    Exterior headlights

    I've purchased some, along with a wiring harness (with relays) from Daniel Stern. Good quality, not cheap but they work and don't anger oncoming traffic. Daniel Stern Lighting Consultancy and Supply
  6. Sluggo

    Lighting upgrade link?

    Daniel sells a kit to do this very upgrade. I did it on my first 67 Imperial, it wasn't hard but I had to really think about it. I'll do it on my current car sometime this summer.
  7. Sluggo

    Underhood Ammeter Bypass

    cbarge: I like this- you've changed my mind about running the twin wires from the alt. output to the battery + terminal, looks cleaner. Thank you again for the time and I'm glad your phone made it through the drops!
  8. Sluggo

    Underhood Ammeter Bypass

    Thank you cbarge
  9. Sluggo

    Ammeter replacement story in Hemmings.

    Thank you. I trust you and your advice
  10. Sluggo

    Ammeter replacement story in Hemmings.

    I forgot to mention cleaning up the bulkhead connector and packing it with dielectric grease. Thank you Gerald
  11. Sluggo

    Ammeter replacement story in Hemmings.

    Having the gauges in our '67 LeBaron redone and am leaving the ammeter as is after talking it through with the folks at Auto Instruments (Martinsville, VA). The following points lay out my "logic" 1. I'm not uprating the alternator (no electric fans or water pumps) 2. I will install the...
  12. Sluggo

    Comment by 'Sluggo' in item '1967 Imperial Lebaron'

    Thank you for the help
  13. Sluggo

    Comment by 'Sluggo' in item '1967 Imperial Lebaron'

    Have you tried Steele Rubber Products?
  14. Sluggo

    Comment by 'Sluggo' in item '1967 Imperial Lebaron'

    What you are doing is a dream of mine for my 67 LeBaron. The wiring makes me nervous, especially with the sentinel. I’m working up the shoulder harness layout now- brand and location of the mounting points. Under your headliner did you find front seat mounting points or did you fabricate...
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    Welcome Dutch_reaper to FCBO!

    Welcome from Greensboro
  16. Sluggo

    Welcome Philmalone to FCBO!

    I'm slow to the party, but welcome.
  17. Sluggo

    North Carolina owners??

    Over Christmas, we moved from Pittsburgh, PA down to Greensboro. I'm learning my way around but would like to be active with other owners and clubs here.
  18. Sluggo

    Power vent window motor

    My gosh it never ceases to amaze me, how supportive and helpful people are in this group. Detmatt, thank you, we are planning a trip up to see my niece just moved back to Royal Oak. I'll let you know shortly.