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  1. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 1969 Fury

    Potentially damaged engine and a rotted roof? Pass.
  2. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 1977 Plymouth Gran Fury

    I looked the car as well. It’s a really decent car for the money.
  3. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 1971 Plymouth fury gran coupe$7,000

    He’s a special kinda guy. 383 stroker :BangHead:
  4. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 1969 Newport Tucson AZ Patina Plus!

    That thing is so crusty. Only rubber that would be any good is the pieces the dude already replaced! I feel like this car would be a good Mad Max car. :thumbsup:
  5. Moparbrad

    Comment by 'Moparbrad' in item '1968 Chrysler New Yorker Part Out'

    Is this parts car still around?
  6. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 1968 Chrysler new yorker $6,500

    Probably needs a transmission rebuild. The kick down is not hooked up! What is with these clowns who take that off? They like stacking gears after 15 feet?
  7. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 1969 Imperial (NOT MINE)

    Oh baby! That’s a lot of sexy darkness! If mobsters drove Mopars instead of Cadillacs, this would be it.
  8. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 1970 Chrysler 300 *T code 440* Nebraska

    I love the color combo on this car. Very fitting! But my issue is I believe that car had some front end collision repairs. One, the drivers fender fits a little funny, especially down low. That’s a characteristic of the front end being pushed up at the core support. The front valance is pretty...
  9. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 73 Plymouth Wagon In Phoenix On FB

    Dang, that’s getting to be a real deal there. If I didn’t have my 60 wagon, I’d really consider this car.
  10. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 69 flea bay fury on barn finds

    That front end sure looks wonk. Like it was a rebuilt total.
  11. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 1968 Chrysler Newport 2dr at Impound lot auction, factory L code

    Neat car! Will most likely be an organ donor. :(
  12. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 1970 Chrysler 300 Convertible

    This seems like a sweet deal to me. Unless it’s Michigan rusty.
  13. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 72 Dodge Polara Custom

    What was the price? Or did he not say?
  14. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 1968 Plymouth Fury III 3spd $4,000 Johnstown CO (FB)

    $4000? I don’t think I’ll ever get use to the new prices people think cars are worth. Am I wrong thinking that’s a $1500-$2000 car???
  15. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 1969 polara 500 coupe 440 magnum

    Out of curiosity, is that really a $3-$4k engine? And who is paying that?!? Only ask because if it is, I’m selling the dozen or so that I have laying around…
  16. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE NOT MINE - '67 Sport Fury, very original - $ 8.500

    That is nice. Have a nice driver in a long weekend!
  17. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE !969 Imperial LeBaron. Sad ad.

    Only an *** clown sees that car as an organ donor. Some peoples moms should have swallowed them.
  18. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 66 NY'er Phoenix Offer Up $4000

    I see they didn’t fork out the extra $15 to get the Chrysler throttle linkage adapter. Hope they didn’t drive it with the kickdown disconnected like that.
  19. Moparbrad

    NOT MINE 70 T&C Giveaway Price In Socal

    Sad thing is a scrapper probably got it. SoCal is thick with scrap guys and “we buy junk cars” guys.