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  1. 69PHOENIX

    1969-73 Rear Brake Hose Bracket

    Well Done! I Guess Brownie Points Don't Count For Much Around Here But You Still Deserve Some! LOL Each & Every Bit of Info Helps Someone! Regards Tony.M
  2. 69PHOENIX

    Can Old Brake Shoes outlive their effectiveness-even though there's plenty of "meat" on them?

    O.K. Advice from a Self Professed Expert (And Master of Nothing.) Without Looking at the Vehicle, Here are My Suggestions. 1. Check That the Ends of the Brake Shoes are Chamfered. 2. Check to See that the Shoes and / or Drums Aren't Glaced. (A Good Massage with Coarse Sand Paper Should Show a...
  3. 69PHOENIX

    Torsion Bar Isolators

    73Coupe, I'm a Little Surprised! Over Here in the Mystical Land of OZ We've Been Redoing our G'Box Mounts for the Early Models for About Thirty Years. No Problems if the Fella Knows What he's Doing. It Helps of Course that One of Our Members Was an Engineer Who Made the Dies / Template /...
  4. 69PHOENIX

    Torsion Bar Isolators

    G'Day, An Ancient Idea But Possibly May Help Someone. Many Years ago When We Had Hi-Pressure Fuel Pump Problems We used a Simple Idea of Placing a T-Piece Before the Fuel Pump and After the Fuel Pump Then joining Them with a Short Piece of Fuel Line. This Recirculated the Fuel Relieving the...
  5. 69PHOENIX

    1974 spindles on a ‘65. Can this be done?

    O.K. Haven't Looked at this Thread for Some Time. However After Seeing it Again I MUST Comment. It is Completely Illegal to Use heat on Front End Components in the Mystical Land of OZ. And if Someone Were to be Injured or Killed as a Result of Such Work the "Mechanic / Butcher" Would Find...
  6. 69PHOENIX

    66 trunk divider

    Well Done! Not My Model But it Will Help Some One. Should Be More of It! Another Fella Who, as My Old DA used to Say Whenever I Managed to Do Something Right. "He's Bloods Worth Bottling, Even If It Is Only For Rat Poison!" LOL Kind Regards Tony.M
  7. 69PHOENIX

    Need to replace trans pan gasket, maybe?

    G'Day, At the Mention of REAL Gaskets I'll take the Opportunity to Ask. I Bought a Set of R/Cover Gaskets (& Trans Pan / Sump Gaskets) from REAL, Just about to Replace a Set of Heads. My Mech Scoffed a Little When I mentioned the REAL Gaskets. I Don't want to "RISK" Being "I Told You Soed" If...
  8. 69PHOENIX

    1964 Imperial, other rims that would fit over disks

    "I am considering writing a book and calling it "What Not To Do!" Dab Nab It, I Thought I Had DIBS on That. LOL Tony.M
  9. 69PHOENIX

    Strut Rods

    G'Day, My Personal Opinion! Stick with the OEM Rubber. Couple of Experiences. 1. Put a Set of Nolathane L/C/Arm Bushes into an Early Valiant, My Own fault Did Not Lubricate Properly Every Time I Drove Over a Speed Bump the Car Brayed Like a Donkey. I Absolutely Drowned the Bushes with Spray Lube...
  10. 69PHOENIX

    Bought this 70 Fury III for parts

    G'Day, Always Feel a Little Surprised When I Read the American "Specs" All Our Plymouth / Phoenix's 318s Came with 727 / 8.75s. (Sedans had 318 W/ 2" Rear Drums, H/Tops Had 383 W/ 2.5" Rear Drums) Not Sure Why, But They Were Sold as Top of the Line Sort of Thing. Regards Tony.M
  11. 69PHOENIX

    s/23 air cleaner pie tin

    Many, Many Years Ago One of My Club Members Said to Me. Boy! Don't We Have Some Weird People in Our Club. My Reply! If We All Weren't at Least a Little Strange We'd be Driving Fords or Chevies! So the Way I Figure It, I'd Rather be CRAZY. LOL. Tony.M
  12. 69PHOENIX

    Wiring… Why can’t they just make a reproduction harness

    Oh Dear! I've Been Living Here for the Last 70ty odd Years. LOL Not Much Hope for Me. Regards Tony.M
  13. 69PHOENIX

    Wiring… Why can’t they just make a reproduction harness

    Gerald Morris! Thanks for the Info! As My Old DA used to Say Whenever I Done Something Good. "Your Bloods Worth Bottling Even If It's Only For Rat Poison!" Kind Regards Tony.M
  14. 69PHOENIX

    Wiring… Why can’t they just make a reproduction harness

    G'Day, Nice Article, Good Pics, BUT You Left Out the Important Stuff! Where Did You Buy the Bulkhead Connector & The "New Harness for the headlights that plugs into the original harness with relays to be able to use modern halogen and LED’s." AND How Much? All This Sort of Stuff Helps Us Fellas...
  15. 69PHOENIX

    WANTED Looking for a 1974/75 Dodge Monaco Sedan

    G'Day, I Would Assume that they have All been Eaten up by the Fellas Making Their own "Blues Mobile" Just Like the Dodge Chargers from the Dukes of Hazard and the 58 Plymouths from Christine. Sadly! Regards Tony.M
  16. 69PHOENIX


    Does Anyony Live Close to These Guys? O.I.A. GLOBAL 14601 N BYBEE LAKE CT STE SM-2449-2305 PORTLAND, OR 97203-6629 United States I Have Had a Delivery Go to These Fellas Instead of Australia. Have Contacted Them But No Response Need It to be Redirected If Anyone Could Possibly...
  17. 69PHOENIX

    SOLD Nos fusible link # 3588994

    O.K. Finally, Thanks to Joeychgo. Your Assistance is MUCH Appreciated. kyle340 Would You Like to PM Me Now. Tony.M
  18. 69PHOENIX

    SOLD Nos fusible link # 3588994

    Have Sent a Call for Help to Admin. Just Have to Wait & See. Tony.M
  19. 69PHOENIX

    SOLD Nos fusible link # 3588994

    O.K. I'm Working on It! In the mean Time if Someone Else Wants the Items Sell Them. As Per Your Comment to Joeychgo I Would Appreciate ANYONE'S Help, LOL Is It Possible for Admin to Empty My Inbox? Tony.M
  20. 69PHOENIX

    SOLD Nos fusible link # 3588994

    OKEY DOKEY! I Have Managed to Clear My Inbox. You Can Now message Me if You Like. Regards Tony.M