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  1. chipieal

    NOT MINE 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Coupe - Only 47K Miles! - $4,950 (Maryville,TN)

    If you remember, Ford also used a similar hue in that time frame. VERY VERY elegant. Especially with the Red pinstripes. If only it DID nor have a lean burn and no ATC.
  2. chipieal

    76 New Yorker in Georgia

    Be careful with The Lean Burn. Consider getting it replaced. Also the Thermoquad. When working great - when not - oh well. ALSO THE ATC. Remember, parts are available through Mercedes for the ATC.
  3. chipieal

    NOT MINE 1978 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham Coupe - Only 47K Miles! - $4,950 (Maryville,TN)

    Looks to me to be a spot for an old school antenna. i had one of these in the early 80's. Greatest road car I ever had Period.
  4. chipieal

    Imperial model name

    Here is my 2 cents. The Imperial Limos started in the early 30's. They were produced unbroken by Chrysler until 1956. After that, Ghia produced a very limited number of limos on and off until 1965. Now, if this is 1956 Crown Imperial limo there is a simple way to tell. Look at the top of the...
  5. chipieal

    78 sunroof Newport ? ever seen 1 ?

    I have had two NYB's One a 77 4 door (triple burgundy white stripes) the other a 78 2 door triple Dove gray red stripes) with St Regis option. Absolutely great road cars but what a pain in the butt lean burn
  6. chipieal

    78 sunroof Newport ? ever seen 1 ?

    Saw one at the 1978 Indianapolis auto show. it was white/white top and a very red vinyl interior.
  7. chipieal

    NOT MINE 65 300 L 4 Speed In NM

    Oh if I had the money? Back in the summer of '65 (in prehistoric times) I had a friend that move cars around for the local Chrysler dealer. He was tagged to drive a car from a Chicago suburb to a dealer in Iowa. Being 18 and reared in a Chrysler family I jumped at the opportunity to be his...
  8. chipieal

    1969 Imperial I may be pulling the trigger on today

    Again from personal experience, the 69's especially the early ones made in 68, were horrendous. Broken parts from the factory, inadequate trunk sealer. paint that never shined, broken A/C from the factory and sequential turn signals that never - ever worked are only a few examples. The 71 was...
  9. chipieal

    I finally bought an Imperial

    The one thing i never understood about this era of Imperial was why the wheel was black? This was common on the 74's. I know from personal experience that the 73's were color coordinated and that the NYB's were also.
  10. chipieal

    Torsion Bars not working

    This may not be prescient, However my dad drove Imperials for years. He regularly add 500 to 700 lbs to the cars in clothing samples. His solution was to have extra leaves put into the springs. When the car was loaded it road evenly. When unloaded the car was about 3 inches higher. It did take...
  11. chipieal

    Thoughts on a 64, 413???

    To begin with, I am not a mechanic However, when the 413 was in its heyday my dad drove Imperials. he had a 413 in his 59,62 and 64. As a road salesman he put around 125,000 miles on each. never missed a beat. Even the 64,which I beat unmercifully, never broke. As you can see to the left, I...
  12. chipieal

    Early disk brakes

    Don't Forget that Chrysler offered "Aircraft Style Disc Brakes" from 1949 to 1954. They were standard on the Crown Imperial Limos. It was also an option on the regular production Chrysler (I believe it was a $300.00 option - $3500.00 in 2022).
  13. chipieal

    A couple questions

    I owned a 70 Newport bought brand new in December of 69. I did many many many many burnouts with no problems at all
  14. chipieal

    Does a 1964 Imperial need upgrades for 70mph?

    You may notice that my profile picture is of a 64 Imperial. Your car has 2:93 gears. These car will eat highways at 70 mph. This is what Imperials were designed to do. Just go over the front end, shocks, torsion bars and rear leaves. brakes (if you have the money and time - go to a dual chamber...
  15. chipieal

    How many New Yorker's Left?

    it might be the light, but these almost look like a deep teal metallic
  16. chipieal

    How many New Yorker's Left?

    Hey I was only trying to help. If 10% is not acceptable -- come up with your own figure. This does not take away from the fact that the 1975 1978 Imperial/NYB's were hands down one of the best road cars i have ever experienced.
  17. chipieal

    How many New Yorker's Left?

    Special Intertest Autos (Hemmings Classic cars) devised a simple formula to calculate the number of given automobiles left extant from a given year. It was: at 50 years (which yours is just shy of) there will be approximately 10% left. Incidentally, I had both a 77 NYB (triple Burgundy with...
  18. chipieal

    NOT MINE 1969 Dodge Monaco $4950

    Am i missing something? What makes this a $19,000 car? You can buy 1969 - 1970 Chrysler Newports in a lot better shape for a lot less.
  19. chipieal

    NOT MINE Butch's Hemi Fury is up for sale

    The model was called a Gran Coupe. it was a mid 1970 model. if you notice it has the disappearing headlights, Paisley vinyl roof, AND it is a 2 door post sedan! The interior had fabric to match the vinyl top.
  20. chipieal

    Imperial Executive Suite

    To the gentleman mentioning "suicide doors" aka doors that latch at the B pillars, this is a novel idea. However, I doubt if Chrysler did not pursue this as a valid idea (64 - 66) because of any copycat ism. Rather, you have to remember the genesis of this platform. It was originally used in...