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  1. Love Shack

    79 300 Restoration

    I just read on the B-body forum, that 300’s with tilt wheel used the 2 spoke wheel like yours, non-tilt used the 3 spoke. I don’t know if it’s a fact though. Also, I see there is a 1979 Chrysler 300 Owners Group page on Facebook. Likely lots of info there.
  2. Love Shack

    79 300 Restoration

    The ‘79 300’s that both my father and uncle had, were factory equipped with a matching, red leather steering wheel cover that was stitched on. I remember my dad put a cigarette burn on his. It seems like it was a 3-spoke wheel, with bars on the spokes for the horn. The literature at the time...
  3. Love Shack

    The biggest load of bs car advice, fearing for the future of auto knowledge

    Drive off in a cold car, in freezing temperatures while your windows frost over, and you can’t see where your going. That will shorten the life of the car, and possibly the driver. There’s no shortage of idiots out there.
  4. Love Shack

    Doesn't Get Any Stupider

    Dancing to the Grateful Dead, I imagine.
  5. Love Shack

    My ‘62 300 model! Anniversary gift

    The ‘62 300 is a favorite of mine also. A very cool car with great styling inside and out. My uncle had one when I was a kid in the 60’s. One of my all time favorites.
  6. Love Shack

    Midnight Charger/Monaco SS

    318 with a Thermoquad 4bbl. 2:40 gears for gas mileage back then with those small primaries. If I stay under 70, I can get 20 mpg on long trips. When those big secondaries open up, or drops to about 13. Starts to pick up speed above 45. It sat on the dealers lot 6 months before I bought it...
  7. Love Shack

    Midnight Charger/Monaco SS

    That Monaco was 4 Grand. I paid 6Grand for my new ‘79 road runner, that I still own. I’ve had this car 43 years. Don’t know where the time went ....
  8. Love Shack

    Midnight Charger/Monaco SS

    So, I guess these are actually B-Bodies, but I’m wondering if anyone here owns one of these, or has actually seen them. Appearance packages, but just odd, especially the Monaco. I got this poster from a dealer back in ‘76 ?
  9. Love Shack

    B and C body leaf springs

    If you are going to replace them, I vote ESPO X 100. Excellent product, reasonable prices, and good people to work with!!!
  10. Love Shack

    "SHOW CAR" Build Sheet

    What is the VIN?
  11. Love Shack

    Texas auction of a Mopar Hoard.

    Does anyone know what the 63 Imperial 2door sold for? Black, lot #74 I think. Looked to be in fairly good shape, I can’t find any info. Sent an e-mail to the auction company, no reply on looking for ‘sold’ prices. Had to work, couldn’t monitor the auction. Thanks.
  12. Love Shack

    Last chance

    I also had a similar problem with the pick up coil in the distributor on a later model Mopar of mine (1979)
  13. Love Shack

    1st safety air bag car

    A neighbor of ours had one of those when they were new. He explained to us how it worked, and we thought he, and the whole idea, sounded pretty nutty.
  14. Love Shack

    1965 pace car restoration

    I’ve heard those cars fix themselves if you love them enough. Judging by the license plate number, I’m guessing it’s going to be red.
  15. Love Shack

    Lean Burn Carb Idle Problems-Help Needed

    I have a lean burn set up with a Thermoquad on my 79 road runner. I had similar issues. Bad accelerator pump. Rebuilt the carb, and the hard hot start issue was caused by a bad thermostatic choke control. It still had some ‘spring’ to it, but not like a new one. If you can’t find one for the...
  16. Love Shack

    5th Annual C Body Show

    My wife and I are looking forward to being there with our family’s ‘70 Newport that has been in the family just shy of 50 years !
  17. Love Shack

    WANTED Wanted leaf springs

    ESPO did an excellent job on new springs for our '70 Newport Convertible. exact fit, excellent price. I would also highly recommend them !!
  18. Love Shack

    New, with a '77 Newport

    I just saw your post, kept me up an hour past my planned bed time. Nice looking ride, the factory road wheels from the white car will really add to the looks! Keep up the good work, and keep posting pictures!
  19. Love Shack

    Pabst Brewery and Mansion

    The box held 10 - half pound packages