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    WANTED 8 3/4 742 power lock{ suregrip] good working center section

    You got a deal, celebrate that! I see his price is just fine.
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    WANTED 8 3/4 742 power lock{ suregrip] good working center section

    Where in the world do you live? why do they both shine like they are wet? Same with the calipers.
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    Power Steering Stop Leak

    All good ideas, or you could find the leak point and it may not be that hard to fix it. And then save the big bux on a rebuilt box.
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    Does cable shift slip yoke 727 torqueflight exist?

    Yes yes yes they'll have 2 cables, park cable goes in the bottom front of the tail housing. Just behind the pan
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    Does cable shift slip yoke 727 torqueflight exist?

    Yes 62 no park, so no cable in the car for that. The other cable in the left front of the case is to shift the gears.
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    Clean up!

    Scotchbrite is just like sandpaper, it will screw things up. So don't rub it on anything you don’t want scratched. Including chrome and aluminum. grime? Warm soapy water cleans that pretty well, try simple green if it won’t clean up With soap. evaporust works well removing rust, and it wont...
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    For Sale RIGHT Side, REMOTE Control, Passengers Door, Mirror, "C" Body Cars.???

    Is this from a Córdoba type car? I don’t recall seeing this Mirror Style on a C body.
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    65-66 hood latch adjustment

    Start with cleaning and lubricating the hood latch. Operated the latch many times by hand to work in the lube. Don’t use white lithium grease from a spray can, it will harden over time. How does the hood fit with the fenders when closed? To high, too low, just right? look at this before...
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    1967 Plymouth Fury

    Save it all day long. Good shape unless it’s rotted beyond repair.
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    PS pressure line leak

    Yes inspect the flare first. Don’t just tighten it without looking at it. Did you use the correct flare nut wrench to get it tight. An open end wrench doesn’t do as well.
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    727 rebuild options

    What does #3 cost?
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    Can't Help Myself...Had to Buy It

    Great deal on that car
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    Anyone knows what wheel/tire combo this is?

    That is much bigger than a 275 60 on a 7” wheel. A 7” rim is a factory option, they are not that wide. I’ve had 275/60 tires, never that big.
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    1968 fury iii power brakes or no

    They made plenty of 383 and 440’s with AC and manual brakes in the late 60’s and early 70’s. I have seen many of them. It is not required by Chrysler If you get speed control 1969 and newer then power brakes are required. You can read this in the option list for the cars.
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    2X4 Intake Carb Question

    That only came on the 300E, and it’s verified with the 58 casting date. The F & G had the long rams. That manifold is the easiest and cheapest part of the complete set up to find. The parts to complete it will cost you plenty. Think of it as a gateway drug, a teaser to the pain ahead. Once...
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    Ignition switch has rotated

    Yes follow above. There is a tang to locate the switch. Take the ring off and lubricate the threads first, it will make this job so much easier.
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    Original Carburetor?

    Cool wagon! I remember one same color at the Jink yard mid 80’s and it shouldn’t have been there, was in great shape. No doubt you looked under the cap. Are you sure its a dual point? The vac advance and the small wire grommet on it looks like a single Pt. They did make cast iron single...
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    Door seals?

    What would be a number attached to “pay the price” for 2 door weatherstrips? Are hardtop and convertible the same for the door weatherstrips?
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    Cleaning my crusty instrument panel (65-66)

    Just do the warm soapy water a few times first, then see what it does.
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    WANTED 1970 Polara steering wheel

    Steering wheels are not on the fender tags. Need a sheet or window sticker.