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  1. Slantdeuce

    Greetings fellow enthusiasts

    Hello and thank you for the comments. The previous owner installed the Clifford with a bitty open sided air cleaner which I don’t like. I found this one on eb ay and took a gamble it would fit on the carb and under the hood, and it’s perfect. Bought the sticker at Iola car show, and it fools...
  2. Our 66 Fury II

    Our 66 Fury II

    Our Fury of 11 years, original paint, interior, engine. Previous owner installed moon wheels, I added emblems to them, and have the rusty originals in storage. He also added a Clifford intake with 4bbl and duals. Driver quality that gets driven regularly and has been reliable and a sweet...
  3. Slantdeuce

    Greetings fellow enthusiasts

    Thank you all. I am more on the west side closer to Eau Claire, but always look forward to meeting new folks. We went to the Iola car show in July, and I met a fella that had a red 69 like mine, except his had a 318, black dash and carpet, white seats and panels, and power door locks (!)...
  4. Slantdeuce

    Greetings fellow enthusiasts

    Hello, I’ve read this forum for a while and now have joined. My first car was 69 Fury III sedan with 318 for 2 years, followed by 71 Fury III with 383 that served me well for 10 years. Along the way there was a 70 Fury coupe with paisley, and a 69 Newport coupe. None of my cars have ever been...