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  1. BLIMP

    What I've been up to...

    I'd be proud of that repair if I had done it, great job!
  2. BLIMP

    UNBREADED! '71 Monaco Wagon

    Your wagon is looking great Scott, it sure is coming around nicely! I'm gonna be using the same type of wheel on my green Monaco. This is an awesome thread, very happy for you buddy!
  3. BLIMP

    UNBREADED! '71 Monaco Wagon

    Congrats on the wagon Scott! I'm looking forward to your adventures because I know you're gonna drive the hell outta it!
  4. BLIMP

    71 Sport Suburban

    Wagons from Virginia are usually fairly solid, correct? :)
  5. BLIMP

    Thank you for letting me join

    Hello and welcome Fryken, nice Fury!
  6. BLIMP

    Frankie rolls over but did not die!

    Was nice chatting with you when we all went for a ride in @Xenon 67 Imperial, I'm sure the trip you took in his wagon was fun too! Glad to hear you made it back safely in that super clean Fury
  7. BLIMP

    NOT MINE 1969 Chrysler 300 Convertible - $5,500 - Van Nuys, California

    This Chrysler would look tremendously better with a deep clean, it always perplexes me when a seller doesn't consider it a good idea to do so.
  8. BLIMP

    Hydraulics Suspensions

    The previous owner of my white 72 used blocks in the rear and adjusted the torsion bars so it sat low. These pics are from the sales post when I purchased it. Eventually I put it back to the proper height because the ride quality was really poor. It kept bottoming out on the bump stops, and the...
  9. BLIMP

    Let's see some Wagons!

    There is going to be a certain T&C wagon with lots of freshly rebuilt HP at Volo that will certainly be..."standing on it" hahaha
  10. BLIMP

    6th Annual C Body Show

    A leak or two is fine...I'm thrashing to get this "parts wagon" into good enough shape to make the 2 hour trip
  11. BLIMP

    Old car and a road trip.

    Sounds like a great time, it's fun to roll the dice and drive an older vehicle. Any pictures?
  12. BLIMP

    6th Annual C Body Show

    Haven't seen your Fury in like 20 years, will be nice to see it again!
  13. BLIMP

    Cool Sport Fury Pic

    That's a neat story and great picture @MONC440 thanks for sharing it!
  14. BLIMP

    What did you do to your C-body today....

    Where's the pictures you took
  15. BLIMP

    WANTED 70/71/72 seats

    Thanks John for clarifying! Thanks Rat but I'm searching for the other style, much appreciated.
  16. BLIMP

    WANTED 70/71/72 seats

    Wanted: High back bucket seats (non-headrest) ------------------- 1970 Imperial 1971 300 1971 Imperial 1972 Imperial Do not need tracks. Don't have to be in nice shape.
  17. BLIMP

    Let's see some Wagons!

    Found these on Facebook, there wasn't any information shared with the pictures.
  18. BLIMP

    Thinking about buying this wagon

    I would just about die for a 68-70 Charger...if you know what he wants for one please PM me
  19. BLIMP

    My 1969 Dodge Polara Wagon

    Looks great! You might want to also look into purchasing a high volume oil pump. Keep up the good work!
  20. BLIMP

    The S/23 Is Now Famous!!

    Great job, very happy for you!