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  1. Boyd

    Hub to Hub Measurements

    Does anybody know the hub-to-hub measurements of the 1998 to 2003 Dodge Dakota, Ram, Durango, Charger or Jeep Cherokee? Looking to upgrade my front clip on my 54 Chrysler Windsor Town and Country wagon. My T&C measures 56 1/2. There should be a source for this data. I can find wheelbase and...
  2. Boyd

    1954 Windsor Wagon front clip

    What year of Dakota, Volare or Crown Vic should I look for? By the way, I you guys are the best!
  3. Boyd

    1954 Windsor Wagon front clip

    I am getting started on my 1954 Windsor Wagon. While I was making plans, I got a look at the front frame horns and there is quite a lot of rust damage. Therefore, since this is basket case, I am doing a mild custom. I need to start shopping for a front clip. I want to end up with disk...