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  1. Verse

    What's your unicorn??

    For me one of them is a Chrysler with a 3 speed manual. And now I own one! Another one is a true Canadian car; 65 Monaco convertible with a 6 cylinder and three on the tree.
  2. Verse

    Desoto Seville. Year?

    They were doing the GM thing.
  3. Verse

    What did you do to your C-body today....

    Installed the new fuel line I bent up for the 66 Newport a couple of tweaks but it fit well
  4. Verse

    What 50's Model is THIS?

    I love that 2 dr HT roofline
  5. Verse

    1966 300

    Wow! I love it.
  6. Verse

    PEX crimp rings - is there a plumber in the crowd

    I suggest mid price. The most expensive are made for professionals who put a lot of miles on them. The cheapest are made to generate revenue for the store. You need to be confident you are getting the right amount of crimp on that ring.
  7. Verse

    Have an old car? You're not alone. Vehicle age hits record

    I buy Buick Park Avenues '95 to '01 with low miles. I pay no more than 3500. I do my own wrenching but not much goes wrong. My latest buy is a '08 Lucerne for 6000.
  8. Verse

    4 Speeds in 1966

    Looked in the 66 parts book and a console plate for a 4 speed in a Chrysler is not listed.
  9. Verse

    4 Speeds in 1966

    I stumbled on this site becasue I was looking for a trans number for the mopar 3 speed. This "one of one" 3 speed Newport showed up. Funny thing is, I have almost the exact same car. A red 2 door with a three on the tree, manual steering and brakes, no radio, no trim. My options were full wheel...