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  1. Verse

    Factory 4-Speed-C-Body-Photo-Thread

    It's a Polara, but with deluxe steering wheel, and pedal dressup.
  2. Verse

    1966 Chrysler "Color swoop"

    There was an overlay available. It is in the parts book. For example, tag number 23-24-329; part number 2605-947 is the rear most piece.
  3. Verse

    1966 Chrysler "Color swoop"

    The end piece of chrome was for the Newports not optioned with bumper reveal moldings.
  4. Verse

    Just Brought- 1965 300L 4 Speed

    Oh yea toast the mirrors. They aren't even Mopar. This reminds me of the L I test drove in LA many years ago. It was found in Alaska lingering on a used car lot. It was driven to LA.
  5. Verse

    Early disc brake wheels, dog dish size?

    My wheels are later 15", from 67 and 73. I have the standard 1966 Chrysler caps on them.
  6. Verse

    New Member, New Polara

    Prolink Rear Suspension for A, B, C, and E-Body Dodge, Plymouth, Mopars And then i found this. A 'bolt on' 4 link kit that bypasses the leaf springs and relegates all weight bearing to the main rails themselves. I've always loved trans am cars. Making the most unlikely cars into proper...
  7. Verse

    1966 Newport 3 on the tree

    Welcome to the 3-speed club. I have the HT version but with fewer options. Read my posts on what a base Chrysler looks like. That is a very nice car. There is a baby blue vert out there somewhere with a 3 speed also.
  8. Verse

    Trunk mat template?

    Does someone have a template for the trunk mat for a 1966 Newport two door hardtop? I have to make the cutout for the spare tire holder. It is up under the package shelf. Location and diameter of the hole. Thanks
  9. Verse

    She's back!

    Very nice!
  10. Verse

    It´s time for the Slab picture thread

    The proportions are perfect on these 4 door HTs.
  11. Verse

    66 Polara convertible

    No; I meant that all c convertibles are the same.
  12. Verse

    66 Polara convertible

    Rear quarter glass is the same for all C bodies. The power window regulators are also the same for all C convertibles and also the New Yorker coupe.
  13. Verse

    Production numbers please - 1967 Monaco 500 - 440

    In Canada the disc brakes were mandatory with the 440 HP. There was one of these near Red Deer some years ago. I rode in it. It was a low option car with column shift and tan color.
  14. Verse

    1966 300 power to manual steering

    I have manual steering on my 66 Newport and I love it. On the highway it is the way to go.
  15. Verse

    1966 MSRP comparison

    Sorry; I was referring to the rear seat leg room.
  16. Verse

    What does a base 66 Chrysler look like? Part 1

    Dale Flatla near Brooks Alberta had several cars with this option. I have a setup from a 67 NY here.
  17. Verse

    What does a base 66 Chrysler look like? Part 1

    Likewise the wiring for the fender turn signals are there too.
  18. Verse

    What does a base 66 Chrysler look like? Part 1

    Thank you for posting this! I found it fascinating. I learned that American 300s did not get a front bench seat. I have seen a photo once of a NY with no radio. This also confirms that there was no 4-speed offered.