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  1. Verse

    Time to replace shocks - recommend?

    Sounds like the KYB is still a valid choice. Thanks guys!
  2. Verse

    Time to replace shocks - recommend?

    It is time to replace the shock absorbers on my 1966 Newport with the standard suspension. I did a lot of reading on this forum and looked at the KYB site. Much of the info is a few years old so may need an update. I am looking for a smoothest and softest ride possible on gravel and bumpy...
  3. Verse

    Length of brake line

    If I buy brake line in 10 foot lengths will I avoid any splices?.
  4. Verse

    Is it possible to grease front bearings without dissassembling everything?

    I’m sure the bearings in my 8.75 are oil lubed. I’ve replaced them once.