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    For Sale 1970 New Yorker

    Getting leaner
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    Friday tunes..

    Is that Alice on the drums?
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    NOT MINE 1968 Dodge Monaco 4dr Hardtop - $3,200 - Orem, Utah

    Looks like a great car to daily drive.
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    Friday tunes..

  5. barnfind

    Friday tunes..

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    Looking for a member

    Got a bad check one time, A collection agency availed nothing, yes they take a cut if successful. Hope you have better luck! Hopefully its just the holidays.
  7. barnfind

    Adventures of SGT FURY

    Looks like an old WT stringfellow bed, I have my eye on one for the 48 PW. Cool finds Ken.
  8. barnfind

    NOT MINE 1971 Sport Fury GT Sunroof Car....

    R&R was liquidated in the early 2000s according to the rep I spoke to.
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    Friday tunes..

  10. barnfind

    Friday tunes..

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    The Formal Photo Thread

    Found on the book of faces
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    NOT MINE 1957 Belvedere Convertible $28,000

    Very cool ride, wondering how to value, needs chrome work, top, interior, at a minimum.
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    Friday tunes..

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    Mopar-related images

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    Mopar-related images

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    Mopar-related images

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    Mopar-related images