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  1. 1970cat

    So how is the new site software?

    any chance of changing the header to a larger print. example "So how is the new site software? " it tends to blend into the background.
  2. 1970cat

    1970 Fury III.......The next chapter

    51-2 truck? ford or mercury?
  3. 1970cat

    I'm not a metal man but...

    you can add "i'm not a machinist" to your title :) amazing work and attention to detail.
  4. 1970cat

    What I've been up too

    you certainly do keep busy :) the truck looks great. at least you know what you have instead of taking a chance on another truck. nice work. :thumbsup:
  5. 1970cat

    NOT MINE 1969 Plymouth fury $123,456

    front bumper looks nice :rolleyes:
  6. 1970cat

    Formal on 22's

    might want to try them on the back also. there is less room in the wheel well in the back than the front.
  7. 1970cat


    take a little of the thickness out of the window channel so the glass will lay flat and you should be all set.
  8. 1970cat

    For Sale Parting Out 65 New Yorker Town Sedan

    looks like forklift damage
  9. 1970cat

    Need a Drum Brake Expert

    are the bumps on the backing plates that the shoes slide on smooth and lubed?
  10. 1970cat

    NOT MINE 1969 Plymouth Sport Fury Coupe - $2,500 - El Cajon, California

    who needs vent windows with a roof like that :rolleyes:
  11. 1970cat

    NOT MINE 1969 VIP 13k Not Mine

    rare car. might be a deal for someone.
  12. 1970cat

    General Spring

    there was a company ( can't remember the name) that produced crash sheets for body shops. they must have needed that info for pulling frames , etc.
  13. 1970cat

    1957-58 Plymouth build

    absolutely wonderful metal working skills and an outstanding attention to detail. :thumbsup:
  14. 1970cat

    WANTED Plastic trim clips

    might find a suitable replacement here Homepage
  15. 1970cat

    For Sale 65 New Yorker Parts

    i think many of those are universal replacements . maybe you can find some replacements here: Homepage
  16. 1970cat

    For Sale 65 New Yorker Parts

    #6 looks like the kind that is molded inside of rubber weatherstrip.
  17. 1970cat

    Introducing a 1970 300 TNT convertible

    what happened to brass exhaust nuts? do they still exist?
  18. 1970cat

    1966 Polara 880: The Build So Far, or "Bring Money".

    with the valve cover off, number 1 cylinder should have both valves completely closed on the compression stroke. also, the timing mark should be within a few degrees of zero on the tab and the distributor rotor should be pointing at the number 1 wire on the distributor cap. if all of these...
  19. 1970cat

    Center plane brakes, ‘61 Plymouth

    did you change the rubber brake hoses ? it almost sounds like pedal pressure pushes the fluid through but partially clogged hoses wont allow fluid to return. if there is a vent on your reservoir cover , make sure that is clear too.
  20. 1970cat

    NOT MINE 1969 Plymouth Fury III Coupe - $8,900 - Heath, Ohio (Dealership)

    the "custom" interior, missing side trim and incorrect placement of the hood emblem point to a quicky resto. you would need eyes on it.