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  1. bronze turbine

    '68 Fury convertible top cover question

    Is that cover meant to stay semi-permanently attached to that groove on the back of the seat? It's a real pain sliding the rubber through that channel every time you want to install it.
  2. bronze turbine

    Convertible windshield trim foam

    I think you can get this in a hardware store. It's just regular weatherstripping. Just find the same material.
  3. bronze turbine

    1968 NewYorker plastic panels

    That panel was broken on our '68 New Yorker when we got it in '71. Good luck finding a good one. I'd be curious to know if the '67 piece can be used on a '68. If it's metal, it'd probably last forever and could be painted to match the plastic ones.
  4. bronze turbine

    Bench seat cover

    I used one for a pickup truck on the '68 300. It worked pretty well.
  5. bronze turbine

    Cup Holder

    I love those seats. Same seats we have in our '68 New Yorker but in much better condition than ours. Nice cup holder, too. Looks like it was made for it. What kind of car is this?
  6. bronze turbine

    Option for repairing plastic parts ?

    TONS of useful information on YouTube, but you have to have the patience to sort through it all.
  7. bronze turbine

    bench seat cover

    Can anyone recommend a good quality front seat cover for a 1968 Chrysler with bench seats? I currently have a blanket laying on the seat, but it's not ideal because it keeps sliding around. Having the seats re-upholstered is the long term plan, but I need something to put on for the near term...
  8. bronze turbine

    White interior question

    Well, I can only speak for myself, but our '68 300 with the pearl white interior has a black dash and black carpeting. I think the dash and carpet only matched the interior if it was anything OTHER than white or pearl white.
  9. bronze turbine

    1967 Two-Spoke Wheel - Aftermarket?

    I have seen these restored as good as new. Check u-tube.
  10. bronze turbine

    White or Pearl White

    We have a '68 300 with white interior and it's "Pearl White". Now I have a question for you: I notice you have the factory stereo 8-track. I see the stereo speakers on the dash. Does your car also have factory rear stereo speakers? If so, where are they located? Thanks.