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    I'd own one of these Pontiac Catalina 1966

    Dad's car was a '70 Catalina, silver, black top, black interior, no A/C. After school the three of us in the front seat would take turns pushing the top button to put it down. Nobody could take more than a second or two with the finger on the button. Those little chrome buttons on the...
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    What's The Cheapest You Remember A Gallon of Gas?

    Pretty much the same, Dad got it for 18.9¢ somewhere, don't remember where in his '61 Catalina Wagon. By the time I started driving pre OPEC, it was typically 30~35¢ / gallon. Been in Texas continuously since 1972 and don't have Clark / Sunoco stations, seems like I recall Clark having more...
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    I just bought this!

    That's a time machine! It takes me back to 1969 and 1970. Everyday cars just as they were then.
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    1969 Ford 500XL 2 Door Hardtop

    Really like the '70's better, check out 0:57 in the video. I'd have picked the buckets and console, AM/FM and the factory optional wheels though. And the 429 over the FE engines.
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    Friday tunes..

    RIP Mark McCain (March 26, 1946 – April 29, 2021)
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    Used Car Prices

    I have an '18 300S Hemi, VERY quiet, power-o-plenty, will cruise @ 125 MPH (summer tire option comes w/hi speed engine controller) with no drama at all. I quit at 125 because things were coming faster than I was comfortable with. No AWD with V8 engines anymore.
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    Engine from standard into automatic

    All you gotta do is remove the pilot bushing from the crank.
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    Friday tunes..

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    Slant 6

    Check out his series on the '69 sunroof Charger. :thumbsup:
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    My Car Story with Lou Costabile

    1970 interior? ,door panels, seats, Woodgrain console? Cruise control servo but no switch?
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    Friday tunes..

    New to me, I like it.
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    Friday tunes..

    Donald Fagen - New Frontier
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    Friday tunes..

    I didn't know the full version where they go to the end and turn around was available with that music. When I first saw it years ago it kept getting yanked from youtube, I assumed for music copyright, guess I was wrong. I thought adding the music to that footage was near genius.
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    Friday tunes..

    April 14,1906 San Francisco, just a few days before the big quake.
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    Friday tunes..

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    Some pictures of Mopars from wild cat auto wrecker

    I see a Volkswagen fell out of one of the trunks...
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    My E86 New Yorker from Ecorse, MI

    I thought the dual white stripes didn't start until 1970? I've been looking for a narrow WW radial seems like forever, all I find seem to be too wide. I think a 1/2" to 5/8" stripe was original. In a day two type look I think a 3/8" would be fine? I just can't give up my radials for the...
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    Friday tunes..

    Feeling melancholy this evening...
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    2021 Escalade

    I'm pretty sure I've seen them for over $100,000.00. The upside is depreciation is horrendous, so if it's what you really want you can into one almost reasonably. They're a long way from where they started, some Cadillac bits on a Tahoe. I'd wager 90+% of them are leased. I have a buddy who...