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  1. bronze turbine

    Hesitation when first putting foot on gas.

    Maybe the accelerator pump on your carb?
  2. bronze turbine

    1976 NYB rear defroster

    I once had a repair kit for broken traces on a rear defroster grid. You just painted it across the gap and it restored conductivity. There's also silver and nickel paint for repairing circuit boards and such. I'm not sure if either of them would be strong enough to actually attach wiring, but...
  3. bronze turbine

    1975 Chrysler Newport Custom

    My parents had a '76 Newport that looked very similar to yours. Ours was all a light green color. It was a pretty low-optioned car with a 360 engine. It's big claim to fame was the road trip we took from PA to GA back in the summer of '82. I had just gotten my driver's license and did pretty...
  4. bronze turbine

    Land Yacht (77 Newport Custom)

    I remember road-tripping from PA to GA in our 1976 Newport. What a pleasure it was! It was around 100 degrees in Atlanta every day we were there, but that good old Chrysler A/C kept the inside of that car like an icebox!