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  1. Love Shack

    Midnight Charger/Monaco SS

    318 with a Thermoquad 4bbl. 2:40 gears for gas mileage back then with those small primaries. If I stay under 70, I can get 20 mpg on long trips. When those big secondaries open up, or drops to about 13. Starts to pick up speed above 45. It sat on the dealers lot 6 months before I bought it...
  2. Love Shack

    Midnight Charger/Monaco SS

    That Monaco was 4 Grand. I paid 6Grand for my new ‘79 road runner, that I still own. I’ve had this car 43 years. Don’t know where the time went ....
  3. Love Shack

    Midnight Charger/Monaco SS

    So, I guess these are actually B-Bodies, but I’m wondering if anyone here owns one of these, or has actually seen them. Appearance packages, but just odd, especially the Monaco. I got this poster from a dealer back in ‘76 ?
  4. Love Shack

    New, with a '77 Newport

    I just saw your post, kept me up an hour past my planned bed time. Nice looking ride, the factory road wheels from the white car will really add to the looks! Keep up the good work, and keep posting pictures!
  5. Love Shack

    Pretty yellow NYB.... Not for sale, just to look at.

    My father bought a new 74 New Yorker in that same color, white vinyl top, and a very plush dark burgundy interior. Everybody in the family thought it was absolutely beautiful ..... except my mother, who would have driven it daily. She refused to drive it, hated the color. It sat in the garage...
  6. Love Shack

    More celebrities with their Imperials.

    Willie Mays Ozzie Nelson Roy Rogers
  7. Love Shack

    To the hotel, please.

    Talk about a shaggin' wagon!!! GOOD LORD! You could get the whole harem in there!!!
  8. Love Shack

    Can I rant just a tad? Shields & Lifts.

    I'm sure Stan has called them something like that.