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    Some more classic pictures

    Mr Majestic Ford truck

    What's the funniest mod you've seen in a while???

    I gave this car lift to friend of mine with a bad electric motor. He powered it with a SBC with a series of drivelines to Ford 9 inch with half axle turns more drive lines and the belt drive pulley to lift car. It works well but gets bad mileage while lifting and lowering cars

    WANTED WANTED rear window rubber gasket for 1963 Newport 4 door sedan. Good used or reproduction.

    I have one on this 63 coupe. I believe they are the same. $75 plus shipping. Parting 1963 Chrysler 300 coupe

    Texas auction of a Mopar Hoard.

    Was it gold, if so I saw it being loaded on 3 car trailer to Minnesota for demo derby use

    So how is the new site software?

    I’m getting the same thing alert flashes with no alert when moving between pages? No biggie.

    NOT MINE 1961 Plymouth Belvedere 4-door Sedan in Palm Springs, CA - $23,500

    Nice 61, That same car was listed F/S on LA CL about a year ago for $11500. A flipper got to it before me. Here it is for double price.

    Hey Joey Why Is Everyone So Disagreeable

    For whatever the reason the log out icon was just missing last night? I looked everywhere for about a hour before giving up. It’s there now? Thanks for reply

    Hey Joey Why Is Everyone So Disagreeable

    Ok I give up. I can’t find the log out icon. Will a mod please log me out! New forum icon

    Hey Joey Why Is Everyone So Disagreeable

    How do you log out with this new format????? There’s no log out icon I can find?
  10. SGT FURY

    Hey Joey Why Is Everyone So Disagreeable

    I’ve always found FCBO to be a very easy user friendly site. Whatever this new format is I do not like it!!! Not trying to cause trouble. Is this temporary? Or?
  11. SGT FURY

    NOT MINE 68 imperial coupe

    I did pick it up post #27. Been sitting about 25 years. I’ve gotten it running well. Needs a gas tank clean out. Many features work. Have not got into trunk yet It’s been raining for the past month. It’s going to be a spring project to make a driver
  12. SGT FURY

    A Competitve Make of Interest in the Slab Side years

    I’m a big fan of space race cars. I’ve always thought the entire 1959 GM lineup was a attractive lineup. Also a 60 Ford Starliner and 60 Oldsmobile 98
  13. SGT FURY

    Airtex fuel pump optional for 1969?

    I got this NOS glass bowl BBC fuel pump. Not sure of original application? Perhaps industrial Chrysler? I’ve always liked these bowl type pumps.
  14. SGT FURY

    For Sale 61 fury horn bar

    I’m interested in horn bar if you still have it? Here’s a pic of the last horn bar I got with the latest fury with aero wheel. Note damage. Not sure how that happens?
  15. SGT FURY

    Floor Pans

    I have a nice solid set of REAR footwells removed from a 70 300
  16. SGT FURY

    Remember when?

    Remember the coke bottle stretcher at the fair with the ring toss
  17. SGT FURY

    Rural Skeletons of Trucks/Tractors

    I’m getting $320 per ton. 95% unfortunately goes to China.
  18. SGT FURY

    Adventures of SGT FURY

    Came across this dodge tow truck to today. Owner has to cleanup for the apartments approaching in background. It’s NFS right now,but that will likely change soon. 60 el Camino and a couple other dodge trucks also.