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  1. Mr onetwo

    Look what popped up on FB

    The green '69 Mod Top is over in Sweden and the owner posted on Facebook the other day. Is he a member here?
  2. Mr onetwo

    1969-1970 Body Assembly Manual

    Is this reprint manual of any use or is it just a rehash of what's in the original FSM(which I already have)?
  3. Mr onetwo

    I Forgot About Hubcaps

    I brought my Fury home from storage today and everything went perfectly.The car ran flawlessly and it was a perfect sunny 70 degree day.Truly lovely 25 mile drive and it reignited my love for this car! :steering:When I got the car home I cleaned it up a bit, checked all the fluids and put the...
  4. Mr onetwo

    Greatest C-Body Project Vehicle Ever! (Possibly?)

    In the newest episode of Roadkill the boys drive a roots blown tbird to North Dakota to get possibly the greatest RK project ever ...maybe....possibly:confused::realcrazy::rofl: It is certainly the longest.
  5. Mr onetwo

    1970 Fury III bumper Strips

    My convertible will be coming home in a month or so and one of the things that bugs me about it is the black rubber strips that are on both the front and back.They are really cracked and faded.Does anyone have a set of 4 NOS ones? Has anyone removed them and filled the holes with chrome bolts...
  6. Mr onetwo

    1970 Fury Hood Mounted Turn Signal Lense Color?

    Are they supposed to be red or orange? I have a lead on 2 different sets and don't want to buy a B-body set by mistake.Parts book is of no help.
  7. Mr onetwo

    Fury III Radio Question

    Hey all, was this radio an option in a 1970 Fury III? Supposed to be out of a 1969. The owners manual doesn't show this one...will it fit my car?
  8. Mr onetwo

    Member Vehicle?

    I love this car. It is on Facebook in several the owner here? Love the hood tach!
  9. Mr onetwo

    Finally Found a Good One (I Think)

    Well guys, I had posted about this 1970 Fury I was going to look at in Vermont in the convertible thread.Well, it's back home in the garage and I am very happy.I have regretting selling my '68 Newport vert even though I didn't have much luck with it.This car is in much better shape and won't...