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  1. 67-Fury

    2021 Carlisle under the Survivors Tent

    Survivor tent was kinda gay I thought. You can't look at the cars that well, roped off like they are zoo creatures. There were a few awesome survivor cars in the show field. That was enough for me.
  2. 67-Fury

    Cleaning an imperial

    Nick talks from experience. I would trust him to work on my stuff.
  3. 67-Fury

    Cleaning an imperial

    I used to watch videos of his. He has like a 50s VW bus. He was trying to weld new pieces of steel to heavily pitted, rotten sheet metal. I think he is someone who has money to play with cars but doesn't have much of a clue on how to fix them.
  4. 67-Fury

    1969 Imperial progress thread

    It looks like you just bought a new Reproduction Imperial from Year One or AMD. The devil is in the detail with these cars and you are going above and beyond towards this project.
  5. 67-Fury

    1969 Imperial progress thread

    Absolutely. Old cars are not cheap at all. You get what you pay for as they say.
  6. 67-Fury

    1969 Imperial progress thread

    Dare i say that is probably some of the nicest metal work i have ever seen on any of these car fourmns. Looks like it was just made in 1969. Shame so many don't aspire to do that level of work.
  7. 67-Fury

    So I bought this one today.

    Very cool car. I wonder how nice the paint will buff out? Trunk lid looks promising.
  8. 67-Fury

    My new ‘64 Imperial convertible

    Is this car a Unibody? This picture looks like the frame is not welded to the body.
  9. 67-Fury

    '61 LeBaron $2,000 (no title but nice).

    I would hate to see that car go to waste cause it don't have a title. Love those fins and taillights.
  10. 67-Fury

    Stumbled upon this today

    What a car. A forward look always has beauty regardless of condition. Especially one with 2 Doors.
  11. 67-Fury

    How many 72 Imperials are still left today to enjoy?

    My dad had a NOS 72 Hood that sat in my garage for years. No one ever wanted it. Took up to much space and got junked. Real shame
  12. 67-Fury

    New Member, 1967 Imperial

    I will claim former ownership of that fender. Awesome to see it put to use again. Warms my Mopar heart.
  13. 67-Fury

    Very rare, but 1 million?

    Thats also how i Like to find my Women.
  14. 67-Fury

    Parting out '73 Coupe

    That thing looks Solid and Savable. Damn
  15. 67-Fury

    Mr C's Christmas Imperial

    Whenever my Parts guy Rents their trailers, No matter what the car he always says it's a Omni.
  16. 67-Fury

    Mr C's Christmas Imperial

    I find her stunning just the way she is. What a Car.
  17. 67-Fury

    Imperial Convertibles!

    Gorgeous car. I know of one sitting that Is in slightly worse shape...
  18. 67-Fury

    Imperial Convertibles!

    Is there Pics of the 58 Dodge Convertible?
  19. 67-Fury

    Too many black 1974 Imperials in Florida...

    Black Imperials Matter
  20. 67-Fury

    The Imperial might have a new home soon...

    Until we see you in a film, this is all Hearsay. We need proof