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  1. Mr onetwo

    Imp Seats in a Fury

    I have come across a set of front bucket seats from a 1970 Imperial LeBaron for a good price.They need to be recovered which will be very expensive.Would it be sacrilegious to put these in my 1970 Fury or are they of more value in the Imperial world?
  2. Mr onetwo

    Hidden Stereo Solution USB BT

    Has anyone here heard of these guys Woody's Custom Shop - "The Classic Audio Solution" super cheap option to play MP3's in your old C-body without spending big dollars Add a Hidden Secret Stereo System with Bluetooth to your Classic or Vintage Car | eBay What do you guys think?
  3. Mr onetwo

    Bucket Seats?

    What do you guys think of these seats in my '68? The bench seat is totally trashed and broken.My budget doesn't allow for finding factory stuff, so this is a cheap($50.00) alternative.They are heated and power leather.I will dye them blue to match the car. I think they have sort of a vintage...
  4. Mr onetwo

    65-68 bucket seat dimensions

    Good morning guys, could someone with a bucket seat slab give me some measurements of the seats please? I am thinking of replacing my broken/split bench seat for a pair of these ProCar seats in white...then dyeing them blue. I want to make...