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  1. Mr onetwo

    68' Newport Sportsgrain Convertible

    that thing is awesome!:welcome:
  2. Mr onetwo

    What is your daily driver?

    Perhaps you are right on the Mopar question.I tried a Lexus RX350 before I bought this truck, but it only took 2 months to realize that I really wanted a truck.Don't need it...just want it.Mine is only a 2014, but the 8 speed transmission, electric power steering and rear suspension are light...
  3. Mr onetwo

    What is your daily driver?

    RAM not really a Mopar IMHO, but I like it.
  4. Mr onetwo

    Hit and run!

    I got rid of Hagerty 3 years ago and went with these guys Home . I've never had a claim, but they are easy to deal with.
  5. Mr onetwo

    Hit and run!

    Thanks for posting about this incident.This all makes me want to get a dash camera setup. Some of them have a feature that senses if your un-occupied vehicle is bumped or scraped in any significant way, it turns on and records for a certain amount of time.Also if someone tries to break into it.
  6. Mr onetwo

    One more time disc brakes

    truck and van stuff will not work. Here is a discussion I started about using Dakota stuff 3 years ago C-body Dakota Front Disc Brake Swap I have gathered all the stuff necessary to do this swap and will be exploring this option this winter.I really think it will work. I don't think using...
  7. Mr onetwo

    Engine Swapping the Slant 6

    If it were me I would find a 1992 to 2004 magnum roller block and depending on budget either EQ iron heads or Eddy aluminum heads. Chrysler Dodge Magnum 318 / 360 1992 - 2004 Cylinder Heads, Assembled (Pair) - EQ Cores & Recycling 2002 DODGE RAM 1500 Edelbrock 61775 Edelbrock Performer RPM...
  8. Mr onetwo

    Engine Swapping the Slant 6

    a roller magnum 360 is the best way to go....literally thousands out there. B/RB engines are big, heavy and run hot.Parts are expensive.Sell that 400 to someone who is going to bore and stroke it to create a monster...small block all the way
  9. Mr onetwo

    Goldie against a field of gold

    Would you provide contact info for the mats please?
  10. Mr onetwo

    On the road again after 21 years! 67 300 Drop top.

    Great story and a very nice car!Congratulations:thumbsup:
  11. Mr onetwo

    Goldie's first parade

    How could this be any more fabulous?
  12. Mr onetwo

    A Competitve Make of Interest in the Slab Side years

    I don't know guys...pretty tough to beat this one
  13. Mr onetwo

    A Competitve Make of Interest in the Slab Side years

    Thanks for this...I want to investigate the car scene on Gozo now.That Caddie is a very beautiful car no doubt. I also like the 1971 Buick Riviera very much. They still don't top my 1970 Fury for me though.
  14. Mr onetwo

    Plastic fuel tank????

    my 1978 Ramcharger had a plastic tank also
  15. Mr onetwo

    Halloween Fury UPDATED

    more more more:popcorn:
  16. Mr onetwo

    1967 Chrysler Newport.. I do not want to convert to R134 iso R12

    This has been addressed in another a search
  17. Mr onetwo

    Nice day for a foliage flotilla cruise

    Great photos. It looks like you guys had a great day for a sail! My old '68 looks real good.
  18. Mr onetwo

    Bad news for my '67 Fury III hardtop

    Get well soon.You are very lucky he didn't impact you directly in the drivers door...might have been a very different outcome.