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  1. 69PHOENIX

    For Sale 1966 Imperial

    I've seen Lots of Ex-Police Cars, But that Definitely Looks Ex-Mafia to Me. LOL Tony.M
  2. 69PHOENIX

    For Sale not mine 1969 Plymouth sport fury convertible

    Hi Fellas, Forgive me for Snickering up my Sleeve. It has become Common Practice for people Selling Dodge Phoenix's here in the Land of OZ to describe them as having ONLY done "46,000 Miles". When you go to Look at the Car the Carpet under the Pedals is through to the Floor metal, Half of the...
  3. 69PHOENIX

    For Sale 1969 Plymouth VIP Parts Car $300 Not Mine

    G'Day Dodgey Dick, Not sure I want to give out that sort of Information, Last bloke I told where I was turned up & Drank all my Beer. LOL Should be safe at the Moment with the Travel Restrictions, Although there's no telling what some People will do for Free Beer. Had a "Mate" used to turn up...
  4. 69PHOENIX

    SOLD 1967 Fury III, Commando 383, Sedan. Not Mine

    VERY NICE! Lacking only a set of Mudflaps to Complete. One Tiny Criticism!! Why is it that 67 Tail lights never seem to Align correctly. Tony.M
  5. 69PHOENIX

    For Sale 1969 Plymouth VIP Parts Car $300 Not Mine

    If one of you Fellas decides to Purchase & Part out, This fella from the Mystical Land of Oz needs some Front Blinker Lenses & Front Top of Guard Repeaters (Not sure what you guys call them) & possibly some other Small Parts. (Posting to Australia) Tony.M