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    1970 Dodge Polara rear bumper&taillights etc

    Hi, I need a 1970 Dodge Polara rear bumper, taillights etcetc. If possible I would like to buy the complete bumper with all kind of lights/reflectors etc. I also need the brackets fo the front grill of a 1970 Polara to install the grill in the front bumper. Any help is appreciated Carsten
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    Trim rings for 1970 Road wheels 15"

    Hi, I need trim rings for the road wheels of my 70 Chrysler 300. They don't need to be perfect or extremly nice. The wheels aren't in nice shape and the car is a condition "4" driver. So trim ringes with dings&dents etc are ok for me. Carsten
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    WTB 1970 Plymouth Sport Fury GT

    Hi, I am looking for 1970 Sport Fury GT. I prefer blue cars but might consider other colours, too. If it is the right car: cash is waiting I would also buy a 1971 SFGT in GY3 yellow and EV2 orange. Again serious cash is waiting. Carsten