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  1. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE A wagon with a stick

    Someone should buy that, not touch a damn thing on the appearance. No queer scoops. No after market wheels, no racing seats. No paint job. Nada. and put a really hot Small block in it. With some low gears, and go spank the **** out of some people with their prized 60, 70k Cars.
  2. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1976 Dodge Aspen Wagon 4 SPEED ❤️

    That thing would be perfect to daily in this **** economy and it's USA made. What could be better.
  3. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1975 Chrysler New Yorker Brougham - $7,500 (Milton, PA)

    That is 4 minutes from where I live. I could look at that for someone if needed.
  4. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1969 dodge monaco wagon

    Cool wheels, wrong car.
  5. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1968 Dodge $2,500

    You'd think he would of snapped a picture of that ultra rare radio delete dash.
  6. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1969 Plymouth Suburban - $24,000 - Demotte, Indiana

    could be. I get it goes with the Red theme of the car but Seeing that Fratzog Symbol would irk my OCD to it's core. Be the Same If i put a Bowtie emblem on my GMC. Nope.
  7. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1969 Plymouth Suburban - $24,000 - Demotte, Indiana

    Wow. That is a beautiful car. I am a sucker for "Delete" stuff and red interior. Not to mention the Redline tires too. But....he needs to lose the Dodge dog dishes. It's a Plymouth. It will just never sit right with me.
  8. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1969 Dodge Polara 4dr…..Convertible - $6,500 - Elyria, Ohio

    Some may disagree but I'd rather see these cars go overseas and be preserved in their original state then keep seeing this happen to them. It just gets worse n worse. That thing is just a parts car now.
  9. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1970 Dodge Polara Coupe - $4,000 - Lakewood, Washington

    B&M Ratchet shifter. Duct Tape seats. Oh yea, this can't miss.
  10. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1971 Dodge Polara 4dr Hardtop - $4,800 - Statesville, North Carolina

    The 4 door hardtop is really sharp. I never thought I would lust after any 4 door but as I get older, I appreciate them much more. That car has character.
  11. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1972 Dodge Polara Coupe - $4,000 - Bolingbrook, Illinois

    Hopefully it gets out of that jerks hands and into someones the will do right by it. At Least it's not repainted some gaudy color and has autozone scoops on it. It has the Hubcaps even.
  12. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1970 Dodge Monaco Coupe (Derby Car) - $1,000 - Hempstead, Texas

    Mr Wyatt @71Polara383 isn't that just like the car that you bought that got parted for no reason?
  13. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1970 Dodge Monaco Coupe (Derby Car) - $1,000 - Hempstead, Texas

    The english language is such a force and we have just dumbed it down to no end With abbreviations and Ghetto slang. My grammar ain't perfect but I at least try.
  14. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1970 Dodge Monaco Coupe (Derby Car) - $1,000 - Hempstead, Texas

    Besides the obvious here, what is astounding to me is how illiterate people are anymore. I mean 80% of for sale ads I see online are completely unintelligible. I mean what he wrote, does that actually make sense to him? "I was gonna me it a derby at don’t have he time Serious inquires only"
  15. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1970 polara convertible

    If your going to use scoops, at least space them out properly. I am so sick of seeing Mopars ruined with tacky modifications.
  16. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1969 Imperial

    That was quick lol.
  17. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1969 Imperial

  18. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1970 Dodge Polara Coupe - $2,500 - Spring Hill, Fla.

    And the bumblebee stripe that is a foot in front of the rear side marker light.
  19. 67-Fury

    NOT MINE 1970 Dodge Polara Coupe - $2,500 - Spring Hill, Fla.

    7-1970. Would that mean that would of been one of the final 70 Polaras ever produced?