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  1. 67-Fury

    2023 Dodge Hornet

    I'm sorry but that thing is just Gay. I'd be embarrassed to show that off. It looks like every other Suv/Blob on the road today. The modern world seems to be really big on being derivative and not aiming for any sort of originality. Cars, music, movies, people. Etc.
  2. 67-Fury

    Comet Crash

    I remember you telling me once, I reminded you of your long departed friend. Jay dee? I think his name was sorry if I flubbed that up.
  3. 67-Fury

    Comet Crash

    Like stan said, someone with big pockets but not enough intellect or experience of driving such a high horsepowered car. "Let's stick a Blown BB chevy in a Ford with stupid amounts of power. Spend a 1/4 of a century building the thing and lets only drive it 2 times a year" Everything about it...
  4. 67-Fury

    Comet Crash

    What does everyone make of this?
  5. 67-Fury

    Texas auction

    I was a little late to the party but I have been watching YouTube videos on the Great Texas Mopar auction that happend a few months back. Holy **** there was a lot of amazing cars and parts there. Made me sad I couldn't afford any of them. But my question is. How many here snagged up stuff?
  6. 67-Fury

    Friday tunes..

  7. 67-Fury

    Friday tunes..

  8. 67-Fury

    Mopar-related images

    For Polara Dave.
  9. 67-Fury

    Texas auction of a Mopar Hoard.

    Ah, am I the only one that was drooling over the 58 Chrysler with authentic patina and hemi???
  10. 67-Fury

    The Future Of Our Cars

    Younger Folks do love their weed. From what I notice, they still have a passion for cars but Notjing older then a Fox body. Mostly tuners and trucks. I wonder what will happen with our Mopars once most of the older generations have passed on. I am 27, I love Mopars with a deep passion but I...
  11. 67-Fury

    Rust Valley Restorers property sold

    I liked the show but I wonder how well he actually restored some of these vehicle's.
  12. 67-Fury

    Where were You on 9/11/01???

    I was in 2nd Grade. They waited til the end of the day to tell us. It came over the intercom, I didnt know what the Twin Towers were so I rushed home to ask my dad. I remember walking into his room and he was planted in front of the TV. I remember watching somebody falling, that still has stuck...
  13. 67-Fury

    Charlie Watts Rolling Stones Drummer dead at 80

    For some reason, I always just assumed my heros would be around forever. Now most of them are gone... People like him wont exist anymore. He was revered for his talent, not for how much bad publicity he could get or having tattoos on his face.
  14. 67-Fury

    Cousin Polara Dave

    Polara Dave and his wife are some of the most Gracious and hospitable people I ever met in my short life. You may not agree with everything he says but he is completely unrepentant in his approach and I respect the hell out of that. I will never forget the time he drove me back to the main gate...
  15. 67-Fury

    RIP Dusty..

  16. 67-Fury

    RIP Dusty..

    I'm Always saddened when a True musician leaves life. Real Art, I feel, is eternal. I Will take on new feelings now whenever I hear a ZZ Top song.
  17. 67-Fury

    Time to officially say goodbye

    You know. You could still just hang around and chat. Even if you don't have a car. Good people are hard to find anymore. But I understand, you hate us. It's cool......:poke: Take Care.
  18. 67-Fury

    What’s the value? 67fury3

    I have a 67 Fury Convertible and a 70 Dart as well. Odd. You come on here, they are going to say. "Keep it. Way better then some Crummy little Abody" You could go on the A body forum and they will say. "Get rid of that land barge" It's all subjective. You should really do what you want to do...
  19. 67-Fury

    What’s the value? 67fury3

    You are new here. Shush.
  20. 67-Fury

    GM Love

    Bad ***! I would love to have a police Front Push bumper like that.