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  1. 69PHOENIX

    Replacement Roof panel information for a 1970 Plymouth Fury III 4 door hardtop C Body

    O.K. Take a Look at the Firewall Directly in Front of the Driver. If It's a 70 Year Model You Should Find the Letters DE or DF & also P43 if It's a 4Dr H/Top. The Sedans are H43 in the "VIN" Maybe a Bit Hopeful But one of the Crazy People Who Cut the Roofs Many Years Ago to Make a So Called...
  2. 69PHOENIX

    White House Plumbers

    Hi Fellas, If You Love Your Car Don't Even Think of Hiring it Out. A Friend of Mine Many Years Ago Hired His 59 Plymouth Fury to a Movie Company. He Was Thinking of All the Glory of Being Able to Say "That's My Car in the Movie" The Way They Treated the Car was Incredible. They Practised One...
  3. 69PHOENIX

    1970 Dodge Monaco

    G'Day! A Crazy Thought from the Other Side of the Ditch. If All Else Fails See if You Can Get an Exhaust Fella to Bend you Up a Neck. When You See Some of the Work They Do to Make a Set of Extractors I Figure Nothing Can Beat Them. Kind Regards Tony.M
  4. 69PHOENIX

    Bought this 70 Fury III for parts

    G'Day, Always Feel a Little Surprised When I Read the American "Specs" All Our Plymouth / Phoenix's 318s Came with 727 / 8.75s. (Sedans had 318 W/ 2" Rear Drums, H/Tops Had 383 W/ 2.5" Rear Drums) Not Sure Why, But They Were Sold as Top of the Line Sort of Thing. Regards Tony.M
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    Does Anyony Live Close to These Guys? O.I.A. GLOBAL 14601 N BYBEE LAKE CT STE SM-2449-2305 PORTLAND, OR 97203-6629 United States I Have Had a Delivery Go to These Fellas Instead of Australia. Have Contacted Them But No Response Need It to be Redirected If Anyone Could Possibly...
  6. 69PHOENIX

    What's the best plan for this rust at the rear window?

    G'Day, Two Men, Two 12" Lengths of Broom Handle & Piano Wire. After Removing the Chrome Moulds. (Gently & Carefully) Feed the Piano Wire Between the Glass & Body, (Through the Goo) Connect the Broom Handles Each End and Gently Saw Backwards & Forwards All the Way Around until You Have Separated...
  7. 69PHOENIX

    saved from the crusher

    You have My Complete Sympathy. I was the Only Bachelor in our Club, so Guess Where All the Spare Parts Cars for the Club Got Stripped. A Few Years ago I had a Scrappy take four x Two Ton Loads of Rusty Stuff away. LOL But Still it's Been Fun! Regards Tony.M
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    Managed to Find some Details. The Gentleman's Name on the Customs Declaration was Miguel Robinson. So I'll Post a Note on the Home Forum to Thank Him. Regards, Tony.M
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    Thanks Fellas! Yes, The Fender Marker Lights are what I'm Talking About. (Blinkers over Here) I'll do a Little Searching to See if I can Find some More Details. The fella I Think is Based in Mexico as I Almost had heart Failure when I Got a Bill for Bulk Pesos. LOL I have Seen Him Advertise a...
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    G'Day, G'Day, O.K. Although I Love this Site I'm not Familiar Enough with it's Workings So I'm going to Load My Message Here. A Few Months Ago, I'm Guessing about Four, I Purchased a Pair of Guard Repeaters on this Site, They have Finally Arrived. Firstly I would like to Thank the Gentleman...
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    O.K. Now that's what I call Down Right Helpful. Those Photos are Exactly what I Need. Once Again I Can Only Say THANK YOU! A Bit of Fabrication and I'll be a Happy Chappy. Kind Regards, Tony.M
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    Hi Fellas, Another Weird Question. Many years ago I Pulled apart what I guessed was 440 Police Motor. I say Police Motor because it's the only Engine I have seen with Nylon Radiator Hoses, Push Rod Guide Plates and, amongst other things, an Inbuilt Baffle in the Sump. Unfortunately the Sump was...
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    69 300 VERT. Just Spotted your Comment as I Posted My Reply. I assume due to Parking Lot Humps Etc. That will be the Reason I DON'T Go Ahead with the Idea. Regards & Thanks, Tony.M O.K. This is Weird, Just Got your Second Reply But can't Get out of this Post for some Reason. Anyway Thanks ! Tony.M
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    O.K. First 69 Fury / Phoenix I owned was in 1976. 383 4DR H/T 2BBL NIIIIICE CAR! Paid $900, Not a Lot even in those days, But the Fuel "Crisis" was in Vogue so Nobody wanted what they thought was a Gas Guzzler. (I'm Old enough to Remember when all oil reserves would be Exhausted by 2000, which...
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    Hi Fellas, Thinking of running a 7 Pt Deep Engine Sump (Trans Deep Sump Also) in a 69 Plymouth Fury / Dodge Phoenix Sedan, But wondering about Ground Clearance. With the Prevalence of Parking Lot Humps Now a Days, I'm a Little Concerned about the Necessity of having to Fit Sump Protectors. A...
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    O.K. Fellas, Thanks for the Help. I have a Couple of Spare Backing Plates, So I'll Try a Silver & a White to See How they Look. I was Thinking the Aluminium Foil Might Look a Little "Tinny", But I Might Even Try That, Just to See. Once Again Thanks! Kind Regards Tony.M
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    Hi People, Looking for a Little Advice, Here in the Mystical Land of OZ the 69 Phoenix / Plymouth Tail lights had Galvanised Backing Plates. Most Other Blinkers / Tail lights have Silver Painted Reflectors which Fade with Age. Have Any of You Fellas tried Fitting Aluminium Sheeting (or...
  18. 69PHOENIX

    1973 Newport Steering Coupler/Rag Joint

    G'Day, Just checked Rock Auto & the LARES 220 Also Seems to be the Right One for my 69 Phoenix / Ply Fury. Which means it will cover 65-72 in the Land of OZ. Thanks for Sharing! Kind Regards Tony.M
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    Thanks Again, Another Question. Is it Possible to Run LED & Incandescent Globes together, I'm Just Thinking it'll be Easy Enough Replacing Most of the Globes. But the Ones hiding in behind the Dash are Gonna be a Real Bugger. (Alright for you Young Fellas, LOL) Tony.M
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    O.K. Once Again, Thanks! Tony.M P.S. I'll Eventually be coming Back for Assistance with a Complete LED Lighting Conversion. (That's Not a Threat Just a Warning. You Might Want to Go Into Hiding. LOL)