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  1. 69PHOENIX

    Gaskets or No Gaskets ?

    Personaly I Think They are a Good Idea, Our Engines are Getting to be 40 or 50 Years Old. And I Know I Started to get a Little leaky Around the Flange as I Got on in Years! Regards Tony.M
  2. 69PHOENIX

    Trouble with manifold nut.

    Forgive Me if I'm Wrong. (I'm Not Used to Being Told I'm Wrong, I've been a Bachelor All My Life.) But as I Remember The Studs go All the Way Into the Water Jacket. Great Care & Patience needs to be Used, Otherwise "There Will be Tears" I seem to Remember My Nephew telling his Mother he had...
  3. 69PHOENIX

    Waldron, TTI or custom bent.

    CBODY67 Forgive My Frivolity, But Your "30 Year" Comment made me Think of an Old & Risque Saying. In My Declining Years, When it comes to Working on Cars, What I used to Do All Day.... Now Takes Me All Day to Do. Regards, Tony.M