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  1. 1968Chryslers

    Van’s Auto gas tank

    Makes me wonder if the tank I put in my '70 Fury convertible has a leaking vent issue. Hmmm....
  2. 1968Chryslers

    Van’s Auto gas tank

    I bought one from them about a year ago, no issues. Well worth it!
  3. 1968Chryslers

    Missing kickdown linkage parts '68 Newport with 1406 eddy

    Looks to me like you need an Edelbrock Chrysler specific lever also. I think it's a 1481 Edelbrock part.
  4. 1968Chryslers

    3.6 Pentastar V6 vs. 2.4 4 Cylinder

    I've got a 3.6 in my '13 300, almost ready to hit 260,000 miles. Uses a little bit of oil, but otherwise it's been great! Spark plugs at 100K, did coil packs at 200K.