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  1. 66Newyorker

    68 Fury 318 - what is this?

    No adjusting of the new pump. There is a push rod that is driven off of the cam that drives the pump. It will more that likely drop down when the pump is removed. Watch a couple of you tube videos if your not sure on how to change it. OH NO Jay Leno! I’ve seen it happen!
  2. 66Newyorker

    68 Fury 318 - what is this?

    That is a mechanical fuel pump. No leaks! Leaks BAD!
  3. 66Newyorker


    My return line on my 66 New Yorker. 5/8’ return hose from NAPA “Gates Hose”.
  4. 66Newyorker

    66 fury power steer return hose question

    This is my 66 New Yorker return hose.
  5. 66Newyorker

    66 fury power steer return hose question

    I used the NAPA return hose with the E-Z spring, works fine.
  6. 66Newyorker

    Have Chrysler will Travel !!

    I was planning on posting this before I left on a 2100 mile ish road trip, but that didn’t happen. So a recap of the prep for the trip and the trip. Prep for the trip consisted of replacing the front brake shoes ✅ Repacking front bearing❎ Checking one rear brake✅ Rotate tires❎ All worn about...
  7. 66Newyorker

    SOLD Starrett Micrometer Set

    The 5-6 mic is as smooth as it should be, but still works. Any questions just ask. $100.00 plus shipping from 70546
  8. 66Newyorker

    WANTED 11 x 3 brake drums

    Rockauto are for the front.
  9. 66Newyorker

    WANTED 11 x 3 brake drums

    Rockauto shows to have them. Look up 1969 Fury Your drums will be staked to the wheel studs. I think these are the same I have on my Newyorker.
  10. 66Newyorker

    Busted 3/8 bolt from trans bellhousing to engine. Fix or forget it?

    The alignment dowels are a must exact tolerance than the bolt holes. Put the five bolts, if you twist off the dowels or break the bell housing you have bigger problems. The broken bolt is either bottomed out or cross threaded.
  11. 66Newyorker

    Lost an old friend today.... ;)

    See what your local pawn shop has. I’ve found good deals on good equipment over the years.
  12. 66Newyorker

    Merry Christmas to Me!

    I have been able to spend a couple of days putting the long block together for my truck. Primed the oil system with an air ratchet.
  13. 66Newyorker

    1966 New Yorker Fuel tank?

    Glad you got the leaks taken care of. Keep an eye on the epoxy repair.
  14. 66Newyorker

    1966 New Yorker Fuel tank?

    There is something wrong with the fit of the filler neck and the tank. The bump in the filler neck should be flush up against the bevel in the grommet. Is the tank fitting up against the trunk floor?
  15. 66Newyorker

    1966 New Yorker Fuel tank?

    You might try pulling the filler neck and grommet and check that area for any debris.
  16. 66Newyorker

    1966 New Yorker Fuel tank?

    The bump should be on the out side of the grommet. Did you check the tank for any debris from the old grommet before installing the new one? Is the filler neck strap screwed back in place in the trunk?
  17. 66Newyorker

    OWN takes over Motor trend Channel

    Motor Trend on demand. $49.00 a year.
  18. 66Newyorker

    19th Century Technology

    We unpacked some oil lamp we’ve had for quite a few years. This is one of our Aladdin lamps. No electricity needed!
  19. 66Newyorker

    For Sale Sun tune-up blow molded case

    Needs a good cleaning. It’s over 30 years old. $10.00 plus the ride. I’ll throw in the dwell meter for free. It would have had this timing light