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  1. Marv

    For Sale 1973 imperial for sale

    @cuda hunter here's a a way nicer color combo than that green overpriced barnfind
  2. Marv

    1972-73 IMPERIAL FOR SALE Tracker starting NOW into INFINITY.

    it wasn´t for sale back then. A friend of mine took the photos. The car was stored at another guys place as the owner moved to Hawaii and didn´t take the car with him
  3. Marv

    1972-73 IMPERIAL FOR SALE Tracker starting NOW into INFINITY.

    These photos are from 2015ish. Cart deteriorated since then. Passenger side has a drilled hole for a propane gastank... It's 5k for a reason
  4. Marv

    barn find 1973 Imperial

    I would also go for 4 or 5k. 1st. It´s been sitting for over a decade, will probably need mechanical work for that reason. 2nd triple pickle is also not that favorable but that of course depends on personal taste. 3rd it is very low optioned for an Imperial. Only extra is the H53 AutoTempII (...
  5. Marv

    NOT MINE CTC's Auto Ranch

    somethings cooking over here :lol:
  6. Marv

    C-body member from Finland

    Hey Kai, welcome to the site. For wanted parts use this section Mopar Parts and Cars Wanted
  7. Marv

    barn find 1973 Imperial

    how did it get that dirty inside when it was parked with doors and windows closed ? By the amount of dirt it can´t be parked just a couple of years, more likely a decade or longer
  8. Marv

    Rare 1972 Imperial restoration!

    Wow nice car, B1 blue car with blue vinyl top and optional blue bucket seats and tilt steering column. Being a 2 door this is already a rare car but with this color combo and being nicely optioned it is very rare. Good luck with the restoration. Do you have all parts or is something missing...
  9. Marv

    1975 Imperial build thread

    kudos from a fellow Imperialist. Also I´m air traffic controller so maybe we´ll talk some day over the radio. what type rating are you looking for ?
  10. Marv

    73 Imperial hood elements

    you´re probably right. They look like rubber but are some sort of plastic that was very brittle and broke while removal. But there are reproductions, they will be installed
  11. Marv

    73 Imperial hood elements

    Does anyone know what's the purpose of these little guys? They are supported by springs. do they support the weight of the massive hood or is it an alignment thing? They don't seem be crucial parts since the hood sits/closes /opens fine without them. So do they need to be reinstalled after...
  12. Marv

    1972 Imperial Revival Thread

    No worries, I've been to his place the other day and looked at that parts car. The hood is gigantic. The hinges can probably lift up a fullsize truck. This car is oversized and overbuilt from the ground up but that makes it unique and desirable
  13. Marv

    1972 Imperial Revival Thread

    a friend of mine has a yellow rustfree 73 hood. He's located in Albany OR, says $200 take it if you arrange shipping. Pm me anytime
  14. Marv

    NOT MINE 1970 Sport Fury on Facebook

    Being a PH29 formal roof car, this is obviously not a GT. Seller description: Asking 13.900$ located St Claire Shores, MI 70 sport fury with GT package add-on , Good running 440 ,fresh rebuilt transmission ,this is a driver quality vehicle not a show car
  15. Marv

    NOT MINE 71 NYer coupe yellow (Belgium)

    For Sale - Beautiful 1971 Chrysler New Yorker 440 A/T Lemon Twist A/C Fuel Injection!
  16. Marv

    my buddy's 60 Desoto Adventurer project

    Nice, I like the 60s style the most out of all DeSotos. The frontend looks a little mean and beefy, trim is styled great and the rear lights are just on point with the chevrons which this one is missing. Great car, plus nicely equipped with swivel seats etc. Great car
  17. Marv

    1961 Plymouth 2 dr ARMY wagon

    that will be really cool
  18. Marv

    For Sale 62 Imperial, 51 Desoto Hub Caps

    According to brochure pictures these DeSoto wheel covers where used on 1949 and 1950 cars 1949 1950
  19. Marv

    NOT MINE Daytonas for everybody

    Most of the wing cars had a result below estimate. I could imagine that 7 Daytonas and 5 Superbirds were an overdose. For maximum profit he should´ve split the collection on multiple auctions. But I suppose one million or less on the bank account doesn´t matter to him