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  1. Dillon

    Ammeter bypass question

    Thanks so much for the input. One extra wire to the starter relay wouldn't be such a big deal. From the battery or relay I have to power a hidden audio system, headlight relay harness, a battery tender, and the ammeter bypass. That's the clutter around there that I was trying to minimize
  2. Dillon

    Ammeter bypass question

    Good afternoon guys, I have a question about the simple ammeter bypass. I know most folks run a proper cable with a fuse or fusible link from the post on the alternator to the post on the starter solenoid. Some folks run a cable from the post on the alternator to the positive post on the...
  3. Dillon

    2018 Sully Antique Car Show

    The blue Polara was me. It was steamy out there but not quite as bad as forecasted. Originally the forecast was a heat index well over 100.
  4. Dillon

    ^^ Chrysler 300 2 door glass guides

    I just called the local Dodge dealer. They can order them. $137 each. I said have a nice day.
  5. Dillon

    Comment by 'Dillon' in item '1970 Plymouth Sport Fury'

    Very Sharp Car. t57f100 is right about that wheel and tire combo.
  6. Dillon


    Yup. Reverse threaded on the left driver's side. I remember being just as perplexed when I figured it out.
  7. Dillon

    Comment by 'Dillon' in item 'Dillon's 1967 Polara'

    Thanks for the compliments. I bought those plates off ebay about 13 years ago. I assume Virginia still allows you to register an antique with manufacture year plates. I haven’t heard any different. I do see guys at shows and cruises in Virginia selling restored plates of various years.
  8. Dillon

    Comment by 'Dillon' in item 'Dillon's 1967 Polara'

    Thank so much for the compliments. The coating on the exhaust manifolds is called Hot Stuff Exhaust Manifold Dressing. I must have did it 10 years ago and they look the same except for an oil stain on one. Not exactly original Mopar look but I like it. Cheap too.
  9. Dillon

    How much ball joint play is acceptable / normal / safe?

    Happy Saturday to All, Like all of us who have these cars, half a century old, mine could use a front end rebuild if not done already. My car has a 63kmi on the clock so it is probably not as bad as most originals its age but it is still 50 year old rubber wear components. I’ve been thinking...
  10. Dillon's 1967 Polara

    Dillon's 1967 Polara

    Just set up an account a few hours ago. Hopefully tonight I can set aside a few moment give some more details about the car.
  11. Dillon

    Welcome Dillon to FCBO!

    I am really glad to have a place where C-body Chrysler products are the main subject. Location: 22152