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  1. tfrogh

    Part Number for a piece of '72 trim?

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone in the group has a MOPAR parts catalog for 1972? I have a 1972 Plymouth Fury Custom Suburban. My driverside rear wheel opening trim is heavily buggered from an accident the car was in 20 years ago. I think I have found the piece but want to be sure. Tom
  2. tfrogh

    72 Fury III Sedan parts car found...

    Hi. While looking on Craigslist today I found a 72 Fury III Sedan in Millersville MD for sale. The car is scrap/crusher bound if he doesn't get a buyer. I was wondering, anyone on the group in the DelMarVa area with room? I have not seen the car in person yet to see if it can be restored but...