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  1. cretin90

    Question about the differentail. If it ain't broke don't fix it?

    '66 300 w'/ 38k on the clock. Running now, but prior to the re-awakening, it sat for 27 years.' Is there a compelling reason to change/not change the differential oil?. far (digits crossed) everything runs fine. ...but .....27 years.
  2. cretin90

    1969 Newport tail lights for sale

    Mercari app. They look really good.
  3. cretin90

    My new old Jet Age 300

    Sorry for this re-post. This site is certain areas of the forum there aren't file size limits. But here, there is, so I lost my pics. Anyway here goes nothing (again). The car is a one-owner car, with original paint, vinyl, interior and running gear. What's cool is the original...