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  1. Canadian 66 Fury

    For Sale 1966 Fury 3 grill shell parts and more

    How much for the whole lot are you looking for?
  2. Canadian 66 Fury

    For Sale Fury Grill

    Are there any part numbers on the tail light assembly
  3. Canadian 66 Fury

    For Sale 1966 headlamp assembly’s

    Got a whole bunch of extra headlamp assemblies for my 1966 fury. They all have the springs in them and the adjusting bolts. $20 each
  4. Canadian 66 Fury

    For Sale 1966 sport fury trim

    Have the door stripes and two sport fury badges Door stripes are driver quality as they have chips in them but could be restored. $60 for all of them Sport fury badges One is in good shape and the tabs in the back are good. The second one one of the tabs in the back is broken off but can be...
  5. Canadian 66 Fury

    For Sale 1967 New Yorker torsion bars

    Got a good set of 1967 New Yorker hood torsion bars I want to sell. $40 you deal with shipping
  6. Canadian 66 Fury

    For Sale 1966 fury rear bumper

    Sealing this rear bumper off my car, found another one. In decent shape, few scratches and one dent no letters on it. Looking for $250 for it, you take car of shipping
  7. Canadian 66 Fury

    For Sale Parting out '66 Fury Convertible Exterior Parts

    The side emblems and Plymouth letters are all the tabs on the back still good?
  8. Canadian 66 Fury

    For Sale 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible Parts

    Do you still have the front C trim pieces? And the Plymouth letters on the rear bumper and front hood?