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  1. Evan Jansen

    UTG-Chrysler Electronic Fuel Injection 1958

    That is such a great story. I just kept going wow, wow. Thanks for putting that up.
  2. Evan Jansen

    Fire destroys Edson Chrysler Dodge Jeep dealership

    Somebody doesn't like automobiles....
  3. Evan Jansen

    Gas Price

    Yep... that is California. Gas taxes are about 90 cents of that...and half of that is supposed to be for the roads,,.,,. if you trusted the guys in charge.. instead it is going to a hi speed train ??? park trails and the general fund...Luv those guys in charge.
  4. Evan Jansen

    Link to the 66 Fury Doing 140 MPH

    When I was a kid, my 66 Fury III with a 318 topped out at 105.. wouldn't move the needle past that. a year or two later I had my 67 Sport Fury with a 383 at 115,,, with a bunch yet to go, but the air flow was picking the front end up. Got smart after that. No more speeding.
  5. Evan Jansen

    Right under my nose....

    That is a 65, I have a 66 but I always thought the 65 tail looked a bit nicer. It gave the car a sportier look from the side.
  6. Evan Jansen

    Your first car was a _________?

    1966 Plymouth Fury III Metallic Dark Green hardtop with a 318. Mopar man my entire life... Probably influenced by the 1956 Plymouth Fury my dad had till I was 8.