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    2002 Dodge Ram 1500, 5.9 Magnum Gas Engine (360) Need more power

    5.9 magnum responds very well to custom tune. I understood that you can get lots of more torque with updated tune. Not sure which companies still offer tunes to older magnums. I am planning on getting hptuner software as I am swapping -97 5.9 magnum to -84 Ramcharger
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    Which size Hemi are you

    "Made in America" and there is a Mini Cooper in the picture. Fake news! :lol:
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    Garage lifts

    I can see two problems with a four post lift. First, it costs almost three times more than two post lift and second it is not usually suitable for dropping engine "from below" which might be an issue for someone. I have a four post lift and I am considering two post lift for the second garage I...
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    Wildfire smoke

    :rofl: took me a while to notice. One wouldnt fall off from the edge anymore. On the other hand, you kind of removed the artistic effect from it.
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    50% Ultimate Polish Package

    I was apparently wrong too as I was expecting something in this area:
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    Marble stuck in a vase

    Heh, quite a problem. Hmm, don't fill it full yet. Try to shake it like there is no tomorrow and the water hammer effect might pop it out. Then one one solution could be to use suitable stick/rod, dip it on wonderglue and then attach it to the marble. Just don't glue the marble into the vase...
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    BRUZILLA July 21, 1960 - December 18, 2017

    Yeah I think that I have the disc brake setup from that one. Very nice guy to deal with, sad RIP
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    Anybody else park way the heck out there and walk a mile to door?

    Same thing here in Finland. For some reason when I get back to the car from the shop, some beaten up Nissan micra or similar has parked next to my car almost hugging it :realcrazy:
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    Some more project cars

    If the -72 fury wagon ends up as a parts car for some member here, I could use the front valance if it is in decent shape.
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    Found !! Special C body tool

    In Finland those are called "maatilasorvi" which translates into "farmers turning machine". It is the best tool by far for making hexagon nuts into rounded ones whenever you happen to need one
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    electric cars...

    Had to check my facts and I was slightly wrong. You will get almost 10% of jet fuel from one barrel of crude oil. Still it's the guys who set the laws, own the electric car companies and people on top of the income list in general who use and need the airplanes the most which makes the situation...
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    electric cars...

    Ok this is not completely on the topic but still related if/when the number of electric cars increase significantly. It also gives a slightly different view on the whole conversation. This is free quote based on my memory from a blog/article from CEO (or some other high level guy) from finnish...