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    AN hardline for fuel

    Thanks MEV, that was new to me that there are also 45degree JIC like fittings available, apparently those are called SAE fittings but they have same threads. This is quote from "The most common flare fitting standards in use today are the 45° SAE style, and the 37° AN style...
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    AN hardline for fuel

    I have used standard steel hydraulic piping with JIC flare as it is the same as used in AN fittings. Or basically the whole AN fitting system is just a "lightweigth" version of industry standard JIC fittings. So if you have some hydraulic shop nearby, you can get the items from there. Also the...
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    One vote for the transmission mount. The new rubber mounts are incredibly poor quality. I wasted one in my Challenger in less than 5000 miles, went for polyurethane bushings after that. The sagged and ripped mount caused significant weird vibrations 50mph+ velocities. Also I think that bad...
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    Help with 727 Kickdown Lever

    I'll buy that low deck M1 from you if you are selling and you would be willing to ship it to Finland. About that lever, it shouldn't be hard to cut and weld it back to original shape. Then some some magic with grinding disc and paint and it would be pristine again if you like to tinker.
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    fuel pump question/problem....

    Have you checked with the new mechanical pump and rod that the pump is or isn't pumping anything if the line to the carb is disconnected? Didn't notice that from your previous post. I am just guessing here but you might also have a stuck needle in the carb in addition of the other already found...
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    Anyone run an Edelbrock RPM Intake

    I had 800cfm Thunder. It worked perfectly with edelbrock performer 383 dual plane intake and milder cam but struggled with street dominator and hotter cam.
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    Anyone run an Edelbrock RPM Intake

    I have SD on my 383 in a Challenger with 3.23 gears and about 2800 stall converter. It was a dog with edelbrock avs thunder down low but run great on high rpm. I switched to Holley by friend's recommendation and got **** load of low end grunt more and the same high end power. Now it rips the 275...
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    Broken bolt in thermostat housing....

    Hmm is it actually a flanged, so that you could just drill it open and use bolt and nut? That's what i would do in a heartbeat if I didn't have a welder. With a welder and washer & nut trick the steel bolt should come out easily from cast iron manifold. Just use as much power as possible to...
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    Busted 3/8 bolt from trans bellhousing to engine. Fix or forget it?

    I really wouldn't be that worried about one bolt missing. Whole torque of the engine is transmitted to transmission via four smaller bolts in significantly smaller diameter. I doubt that the bellhousing connection to the block is the weakest link. Of course it will induce some uneven strain...
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    How to make some torque with a 68 318

    These And couple cheap turbos from same place and you would have plenty of torque:lol:
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    FiTech Crank Fuel Settings

    The controller or the hand held should not freeze, in my opinion that is not normal in anyway. I would suspect that there is some thermal problems with the ecu ecu itself, maybe some bad component or bad solder on the circuit board. I would inspect that first and contact fitech
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    strong engine mounts 1969 c body 440

    I've had mity mounts on my hopped up 383 in Challenger for ten years and 8000 miles. No problems yet, seems to be very nice product
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    what years nylon timing gears

    Yes it fits like a glove. Mopar used tensioner in mid 90's v6 engines. Atleast cloyes is making those. I got mine from Rockauto for about 30usd. I installed the tensioner into -72 360
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    engine help

    I would also say to just run it. The lifter bore still seems to be structurally sound/ish and you said that you are going to install a tiny cam in it. That probably means that the engine isn't going to see hours of 5000rpm plus on circle track racing... And in the end. Almost nothing to loose...
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    Oil pressure gauge issue

    You need one with lower resistance
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    No power at WOT or uphill

    Check the fuel pump pushrod for wear. The one that operates the mechanical fuel pump from cam lobe. Mine had worn so much that it was barely long enough to move the pump lever at all. I could only cruise with very light throttle when it was acting up. You should be able to find the correct...